Manhattan’ real estate market could not be any hotter.

The wave of China cash buyers is not going to wait for you to attend classes in an elite school of business…

In an idyllic situation, it may be advantageous to learn a second language, to immerse yourself in the culture, make long term friends and hopefully sell more homes, be able to sift thought the qualified buyers vs. the ones that are just kicking the tires….

The truth when it comes to you being trustworthy and effective at selling real estate, it does not come down to your ability to be a polyglot.

It may help but it is not the primary reason why people come to you, they are interested in you because of your ability to find their needs and match them with the property they are looking for.

What works is what matters, buyers who are willing to pay 1 million in cash for an apartment in New York means that you got to be “on the ball” about everything.

Many high end buyers, speak a little bit of English, may have been educated in an international school and will understand you without much trouble.

If you have to, hire a translator and you should be fine.

Even for a large Chinese corporation like Haier, they reported that every Chinese employee posted to its R & D divisions outside China speaks very good English.

Ken Schulz, a software engineer from Silicon Valley took a ” 80% pay cut to come here because I wanted to learn the language,” He studied Chinese full-time, four years at Being’s University of Language and now works in the capital at an outsourcing firm.

“I’m the only foreigner in an office of 1,200 people, and I hardly get any opportunity to use my Chinese.”

Ask yourself, beyond basic greetings and pleasantries, do you really need to burn valuable time learning a complex language that requires about 5 years of your time, if you succeed and forfeit the chance to get qualified cash buyers from China?

Think again. There are a million different ways you could be spending your valuable time building relationships, attending meetings with prospective buyers, help foster relationships and friendships, even visiting China to introduce your listings, that is a much more sensible approach to finding China Cash Buyers.

Why waste your time? At China Cash Buyers, we are here to tell you the cold, honest truth that just because there is a course named Business Chinese for Real Estate agents, it is not a promise to help you sell properties…

You know how to do that, focus on selling not spending years mastering a language.

We’ll keep you stay focused, provide the truth and help you get qualified leads and buyers from China to you.


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