One of the most common questions I get is “will Chinese buy in my area?” Fair enough question. The good thing to remember is that as recent as 3 years ago, Chinese weren’t hardly buying anywhere. Now they are top buyers in most major cities all over the globe. As I’ve been doing this a long time, I started selling to Chinese in 1989, I can see the trend much clearer than most. If you didn’t get the memo, Chinese make a lot of products. In fact it’s called the “the worlds workshop” for good reason. Almost anything you pick up at your local Walmart or Big Box retailer has made in China on it. Word to the wise, making the worlds consumer goods is a good business to be in.

Combine this with the fact that a couple decades ago private ownership of land didn’t exist. It simply wasn’t legal to own/buy/ or sell real estate. Then everything changed when Deng Xiaoping threw the door to capitalism wide open and also made it legal to buy and sell land. And China responded. The country exploded on both fronts. Factories blossomed across the land and everything decided to buy a house. Well everyone is an bit of an exaggeration…but not much. Chinese like to own land. Ask any random Chinese you see working in a restaurant! Go ahead. Do it. Ask, do you own or want to buy a home?  Can you get married without owning a house in China? You will find that it is very rare that someone will not want to, be planning to or already own property.

So back to the question, usually asked in a despairing tone, “will Chinese ever buy in my area?”. The answer is likely yes. The real question is, will you be prepared?


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