What’s in the China Cash Buyers Program?

Sell More Houses, Get More Listings and Don’t Miss The Wave of Wealthy Chinese Buyers! (Turn your speakers on to watch slideshow or, if you prefer, read below)

Joking with Neil Bush (son of former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush) after he spoke to Chinese investors about the advantages of investing in US real estate” Shanghai LPS, December 8, 2013 in Shanghai, China

A dangerous trend is affecting real estate brokers all over the world….look down at your feet because you are at the epicenter of a global shift. You are at the forefront of a global revolution in real estate.

Markets are being disrupted by a flood of Chinese cash in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the UK, Italy, France, the US, Canada and Detroit… what Detroit?!? But most brokers have not been invited to the party and are forced to watch the game from the sidelines… what?!?

Why are Chinese buying abroad and why should you care?

…until recently Chinese have been unable to travel abroad… much less buy …are fresh… first time buyers abroad… …are cashed up… ..are young. The average age of millionaires is 39… Source: 2013 Hurun Report …are buying in huge numbers: 60% are buying property overseas.. Source: 2013 Hurun Report …buy house for kids. 85% plan to send their children abroad to study.. Source: 2013 Hurun Report …spend twice as much on a house, on average, investing in the US ($425,000 average for Chinese vs. $218,000)… Source: National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) …70% of Chinese buy in cash… Source: National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

So great ! right? Easy. But why are few realtors saying things like…..

“Chinese buyers are like unicorns. I’ve heard of them but never seen them!”

“Or I had a Chinese buyer before. I drove him around for 3 days and then he disappeared and didn’t even answer my calls!”

“How do I say square meters in Chinese!?! Wait..I can’t speak a word of Chinese!”
“I’m afraid I would offend them. Aren’t the cultures so different?”

If there is massive demand, piles of cash, buyers galore, why aren’t we seeing more success stories amongst regular realtors? What stops otherwise successful brokers from reaching out to Chinese? Don’t I need to speak Chinese to sell to Chinese? hint.. no. lol But seriously, why don’t you yourself have a clientele of Chinese buyers?

What is the problem…….
If you are still reading I guess you are independent: thinking of trends for the future and looking for high-impact strategies that will set you up for success in the decades ahead. You know that the world is changing at an unprecedented rate: That we stand at a crossroads. And you are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed..

You might feel at a loss of where to start….or even if you should bother. Or maybe you think it will happen naturally. Buyers will appear and you will sell properties just like you always do. But that has not been our experience. Brokers without deep understanding and preparation simply never get off the ground. Chinese buyers simply are different. And you need to know those differences in general but you also need to know how they see your specific area. Which listings are attractive? Why? What type of story or history of your area will catch their attention?

I hate to say it but some agents are hoping they will suddenly be visited by the Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy of Chinese referrals. I’m half joking but this is the best way I can describe some of the emails I get. The best I can figure is that they imagine that somewhere, far off, there is a bank vault of Chinese clients lined up, their investment criteria well defined, they have money burning a hole in their pocket AND they want to buy in their area! There are 19,355 cities in the US alone, how many names would be on that list? How quickly would that list get out of date? Ahh… a magic buyer from abroad… no work necessary…I wish I had that too 🙂

There might not be a magic pill but I can definitely help you to sell properties to Chinese and you won’t have to…

…throw advertising money at dodgy websites that produce zero return

…fall victim to every scammer, “translator” or assistant

..waste thousands of dollars on events and not get a single real lead…

…squander valuable time trying to learn Mandarin Chinese (hint, I did it but it’s definitely not necessary to sell)

…or worse yet, let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by…

To outsiders, it’s like a secret, nearly-unsolvable puzzle. But this puzzle is solved, step-by-step, in The China Cash Buyers Course.

If this is what you want….then read on because I’ve taught many others just like you, all over the world, starting from scratch, how to build a business selling to Chinese buyers. If you’re not careful, it might even broaden your perspectives, fill you with passion and even change your entire life.. 🙂

This is not a general “foreign investor” course full of the legalities of this and that. This is a practical course with hundreds of simple tips, tactics and strategies you can implement immediately and built on my and my team’s decades of experience selling real estate to Chinese people both inside and outside of China.
You will learn how to:
… avoid cultural pitfalls..
…recognize the subtle hints the buyer is giving…
..avoid lookie loos and time wasters…
…write listings that command the attention of Chinese buyers…
…establish rapport with Chinese parents sending their children abroad for education…
…build a monster-sized clientele of Chinese cash buyers using THEIR network of referrals…
… make yourself the go-to agent for Chinese immigrating to your area…
…sell a ton of houses and grab the brass ring ! (it feels so good to dominate your competition and start cookin’ with gas..)
Here in Shanghai I see flocks of well-meaning agents traveling to China: showing their listings at trade shows in hopes of landing those big money sales they’ve been reading about back home. But they go home empty handed… Yes, most of these agents will never succeed in the Chinese market.
WHY NOT? How can we take previously unsuccessful agents and turn them into sales machines?

Luxury Realtor From San Francisco, Ms. Marie Murphy, Said…

Hi, my name is Paul Salo. I’m the Mandarin speaking American insider in the real estate business in China. I’ve been featured on TV across China, the US, Canada and Japan. But it definitely wasn’t always like that. I grew up in humble circumstances My dad was the first person on either side of the family to go to university,. We lived for my formative years in a trailer park (New Horizons, Tucson, Arizona baby!) Normal kid but for some reason I was always fascinated with Asia. Chinese characters, food, language. The first food I ever told my mom I wanted to make was fried rice. (I was about 10 years old)

In 1989, after I graduated from university, I bought a ticket around the world, ending up on China via the Trans-Siberian railway. I loved it. Desperate to stay but lacking funds, I started selling pictures on the street in China. I’m pretty sure I was the only Westerner fighting for a space on the street to sell. It was exciting and there, on the street, in the 80’s, I learned how to sell to Chinese. It was a brutal education. China was still poor but I enjoyed making friends and joking with Chinese people even if I couldn’t speak the language yet…. I learned how to get people’s attention, talk to, bargain with and sell, right there. Since then I’ve learned fluent Mandarin and sold products, services, land, residential property, commercial property and everything in between.

…”a rising tide lifts all boats” is true for me and my career grew as Asia grew. We started selling real estate inside China first. Selling China to the Chinese. This was another unique road I stumbled onto that gave me a deeper understanding of the thinking about real estate, houses, family, culture, investments and returns behind the Chinese outward behavior.

My Chinese clients started asking about overseas real estate. Could I help them? Sure! So we sold properties in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, France, Japan, Cyprus, all over. Then I was lucky enough to be featured on HGTV’s Living Abroad prime time nationwide in the US and Canada and everything changed. Inquiries from brokers all over the world asking for partner and for referrals. I had a front row seat to the beginning of a megatrend.

So I started coaching real estate agents around the world on how to sell to Chinese. How to choose and write listings, how to rank in China’s #1 search engine, Baidu, Feng Shui, how to get leads, how to negotiate, how to understand and prepare for the needs of Chinese buyers, how to build a team, how to sell at overseas property events in China, basically anything that they were missing in their business. Some listened and learned with an open mind and implemented the system and succeeded. Others, stuck in the magic referral mindset, did not.

Many mainland Chinese are migrating and/or sending their children to study abroad and have a completely different outlook on real estate. They need professional help to help them decide where best suits their needs. Agents abroad without training simply don’t have a clue. So they are unable to capitalize on the massive opportunity staring them in the face. What’s the purpose of getting Chinese buyer leads if you can’t close the deal?

I started to see patterns of needs and misunderstandings and create a system of steps to correct them. And the realtors I coached had tremendous success selling to Chinese buyers. I put together a system that would allow anyone, anywhere (regardless of their area, age) to see their area from a Chinese real estate buyers perspective. And it’s easier and more fun than you could ever guess! You will make new Chinese friends who will open your eyes to the world. It’s not just about money. I beg of you to watch each video several times alone and with your team and actually try each idea at least once. This will be your ticket to success. Not simply “understanding”.

China Cash Buyers
Here’s what you will learn inside:

1. Renegade Research.
Learn how to use SIMPLE, EASY technical tools to understand: How to write listings that resonate with Chinese How Chinese see YOUR area (ie why they buy there) Rank higher in Chinese search (ie Baidu) different from English (Google).

2. Chinese Buyers 101.
In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “know your enemy and know yourself”. The more you know about your clients, the better off you are. Every aspect including mindsets about real estate, about your country and about YOU! You will literally be reading their mind…and it will come in handy.

3. Differences between Markets.
Key to being able to present to Chinese buyers. Their world is very different and naturally their perspective and expectations differ. You will be able to present in a way that blows Chinese buyers away! Exactly what they need.

4. Put Out a Welcome Mat.
Understand the Chinese market, how it’s different and how you need to adapt. Know what Chinese buyers are accustomed to. What Chinese buyer’s value. Assumptions you are making that could be costing you dearly.

5. Small Talk.
How to communicate and develop relationships even if the client has little English ability. Building Rapport with your Chinese clients. Business etiquette, dinners and social events.

6. Qualifying Chinese Buyers.
Save time and money by qualifying and understanding your buyer. How to ask key questions without being offensive. Understanding your buyers true underlying needs. Red flags which the can help you manage your time.

7. Networking & Referrals.
Remember the part about 1.4 billion people? You will learn how to network and turn one buyers into many. Loyal friends and family who will treat you well.

8. Getting Great Listings.
Use your newly discovered focus on the wealthy Chinese niche to your advantage. Get the best exclusive listings! Why not? You will have the best clients…who pay cash.

9. Social Media.
Forget the phone when dealing with Mainland Chinese buyers! How to use social media and online tools to cement a relationship between you and a Chinese client. Never have a client “disappear” again. Develop deeper trust, understanding and communication with your Chinese clients. I’ll teach you all you need to know in this simple, short module. You don’t need special skills to adapt Chinese social media communication tools.

10. Use Your Website to Get Leads.
Use your understanding of the market, buyer’s needs and mindset to create online content that draws buyers to you. Square meters and other MLS data means nothing to a Chinese immigrating to a new country. In this module, you’ll learn how to write what the clients want to hear. And what will influence them to close the deal. 99% of agents are missing the simple stories that you will write naturally after studying this module.

11 – BONUS $299 VALUE Doing a Real Estate Event in China.
How to plan your first sales event in China.
Mindsets in planning a seminar. Secrets in running a seminar in China.
Hiring “translators” and sales staff. Taking care of yourself and staff.
How to pick the date right..and avoid overlapping Chinese holidays.
How to budget a seminar in China.
How to get massive foot traffic to see your properties.