In this episode Wen Jie and Joe Tesmer talk about how they use WeChat to make money, make friends, grow their network, save money and much more. Literally how WeChat changed their lives. It’s a fun episode with many good tips and tricks that you can easily use in your business.

By understanding how Chinese society is changing and how social media giant WeChat touches every aspect of life, you can easily see why you need to be on WeChat. And more importantly you can see why Chinese buy real estate based on their WeChat connections. Chinese looking to buy abroad do not look to ads, which have a very low trust factor, but instead through a network of friends that they trust.

In the old days, Chinese guanxi meant friends and family but now with the recent explosion of Chinese social media, ones network has greatly expanded to mean ones connections on WeChat. I know it sounds extreme but it is accurate. If you aren’t on a potential Chinese investors WeChat network, you aren’t going to sell that house. Simple as that.

WeChat allows Chinese buyers to vet you. To understand who you are. To create trust between yourself and themselves. They can see how you live. How you operate. Where you live. Who your friends are. If you are social. If you are trusted. If you are successful. The potential Chinese investor will look at your real life interactions and posts to determine if you are a trustworthy and successful person.

Of course, selling luxury properties to Chinese investors requires a lot more than connecting with them on WeChat, however, if you aren’t there, you’re toast. Let me say that again. If Chinese buyers cannot connect with you on WeChat, they won’t do business with you.

Chinese investors abroad simply don’t have time or the patience to schedule calls with different time zones and to answer English emails. However, if you send short timely chats on WeChat, you can easily engage them. Why? Because the average Chinese checks their WeChat over 10 times a day and spend over 40 minutes interacting with friends! (Source WeChat Annual Report 2016)

We you will be trusted more. Seen as a person that understands a bit about China and you will be able to understand your potential Chinese client better. What’s not to like? If you want more help, join our members area. I personally will help you get going selling to Chinese buyers. If you have questions, please email me at [email protected] Thanks and look forward to helping you in this exciting, fast moving and profitable market.


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