What options do Chinese investors have when moving abroad? Try to look through the eyes of a Chinese investor. How does the world look from their perspective? Where is most attractive? What factors contribute to making the investment worthwhile? What are they trying to achieve in making a move and buying real estate abroad? What are they trying to avoid? Why do Chinese buyers look abroad? Considering why, when and how chinese invest abroad, how long do you expect this trend to continue?

Once you understand more about Chinese real estate buyers and can essentially see through their eyes, selling to them becomes much easier. Once you understand how they see your country, how they see your area, how they see your company and finally how they see you, the doors will open.  You will know what to say to close the deal with Chinese investor leads.

Once you understand the perspective of home buyers from China, your work becomes much easier and you also will develop a sixth sense for time wasters and Chinese buyers that are not serious. Knowing who to spend time with and who to ignore is invaluable when courting Chinese investment. It will enable you to avoid poor quality Chinese advertising leads (usually through real estate portals) and focus on real buyers who are attracted by what you post. It’s the simple. A click on an ad is completely different from a Chinese buyer who reaches out to you on WeChat with questions about how to finance a home or to see potential homes to purchase.

It’s very easy to misread Chinese buyers and invest valuable time in lookie loos. This leads to agents thinking that Chinese real estate investors are a waste of time and often to anger due to cultural differences that rub the agent the wrong way. ie Using more than one agent or not answering emails after getting a very nice tour of your area.

However, if you are able to decipher good from bad Chinese real estate buyer leads and also to be able to put the real Chinese investor leads into a mental timeline, you will save yourself many headaches and allow you to maintain the motivation necessary to win the long game with rich Chinese investors.

Just because a few Chinese leads waste your competitors time doesn’t mean Chinese buyers are no serious or worth investing you and your staffs time into. Just one look around at all the Chinese who have already bought in your area should be enough to let you know what someone is succeeding in selling to wealthy Chinese home buyers. It may as well be you!


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