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Video is a powerful and inexpensive tool proven to attract Chinese buyers. China has the largest and highest video viewership of any country in the world. One ride on a Beijing subway and you will be shocked to see most passengers happily watching steaming video on their phones and pads.

This is partly due to Chinese consumer preference for video and partly due to the Chinese governments massive investment in cutting edge 4G mobile infrastructure. Either way, when all is said and done Chinese watch a heck of a lot of video.

Chinese Mobile Viewership, June 2016 Source: mobyaffiliates.com
Chinese Mobile Viewership, June 2016 Source: mobyaffiliates.com











Prior to booking a ticket abroad, most internet users worldwide view YouTube videos to get a better idea of the country they are interested in visiting or investing in. This is when the potential Chinese real estate buyer is most open to suggestion.

Videos allow you to be in front of potential buyers who are thinking of moving to your area and searching for answers. So you want to be the person that you would like to meet if you moved to Shanghai essentially. Think about all the things you would want to know. How you think an agent could help you and make videos on all those topics about your area.

So when they search “Living in Los Angeles” or “What are the best neighborhoods in LA?” Topics you should consider making videos about could be:

Average price range on apartment rentals
Convenience of location to potential job opportunities and social life
Kid/pet friendly apartments
Safety/Crime rate
Sublet opportunities
Roommate opportunities
Quality of nearby kids’ schools
Pet sitters

Don’t forget that storytelling is the most powerful thing you can do to create a bond between you and your audience. So tell stories about how you messed up. How you helped someone out of a bind. Funny stories. Personal stories. Let it rip. Remember these are people moving across the globe. They are looking for a real person to work with and very likely a friend who can help them to “cross the river feeling the stones”.

Why don’t you give it a try? This free presentation will help you get started marketing your listings to buyers in China. As always post questions in comment box below or email me at paul (at) Chinacashbuyers.com

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Chinese Mobile Ad Recall Very High
Chinese Mobile Ad Recall Very High


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