Do you fit any of these categories?

The bruised warrior:
You are a professional. You try your best to cater to the needs of Chinese families. You look for properties that are in areas that Chinese like and get exclusive listings. You research online and talk to a Chinese friend to get a better grip on what your potential Chinese buyer would want. So the supply side is done. Great properties, great prices, top notch service but then….

…start to work on leads. You are not sure where to start so you reach out online. Maybe you place an ad. Or try a partnership with a Chinese agent. And…you get barraged by scammers. They don’t care about the work you’ve done. They don’t even really seem to care about the value of your listings. All they care about is the commission percentage.

They want half of the commission and offer no value: The leads are not highly vetted and don’t lead to sales! Just to more work sending emails, checking details but no closed deals. In a sense, these introducers have nothing to lose. They can hold out for the highest possible commission on the absolute most attractive property and send any lead they happen to have. They pay no cost for the preparation. No cost for the work of dealing with that lead and could even send that lead, very likely, to multiple agents! Advertising leads on portals are similar quality. Not vetted and highly questionable in quality. Life is totally unfair.

You are offering top quality product but are talking to inexperienced, unrealistic people with no track record of success. But you really have no idea where to find either real buyers or other professionals like yourself who will help the deal move forward. You have exclusive listings but know they don’t last forever if you don’t bring in a buyer soon. One side of the equation is nailed down tight. Supply but demand is a mystery and you are talking to people who you know deep down inside aren’t going to do anything but waste time. You’re ready to act. You know this can work. What should you do today to get this show on the road and start making some sales? Where can I find a real Chinese buyer?

The newbie:
You have your real estate license but you have no idea where to start with Chinese clients. Never met them. Don’t know ni hao from me how. But see them buying and think they are the future. You’d like to get in touch with a buyer and start working on some deals ASAP.

The Chinese agent:
You are native Mandarin or Cantonese speaker. You have a real estate license and are working with Chinese buyers on a daily basis. Your life is good. Your spouse has a secure job. The problem you have is your buyers. They are unrealistic. They are looking for properties $50-100k less than the going rate. And they want you to drive them around, do free research, take them to crab dinners, pick them up at airport, watch their kids for the afternoon, and on and on. When the bill comes for lunch, they aren’t moving too quick for their wallet… But you are a pro. You know what needs to be done and you do the job. It frustrates you to be treated this way. Your spouse wants you to quit. Pressure is mounting.

The entrepreneur:
You could be from anywhere. You might have access to a huge plot of land that would be perfect for a Chinese buyer or company or some other interesting investment opportunity. You don’t have a real estate license and not sure you want one. You might be selling land. EB-5 investment, a company, a partnership in a business or simply looking for an investor for an opportunity. You know Chinese have money. You know they are moving in your area. You know they would benefit from the opportunity you have… but how to reach them? You don’t have a marketing budget. You don’t even own the asset and are worried about people going around you. You post on social media endlessly which takes a lot of time. You email people on Linkedin and it’s a slog. You even tell the waiter at a Chinese restaurant. But still no serious investors. But you are a go-getter. YOU ARE GOING to make a deal happen somehow. But realize you might need some advice and assistance.

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