A newcomers dream. A home, a family and secure income.

Many cash buyers dream that dream.

They know that in the USA, it is possible to live,
raise a family, get a high quality education and most
likely have secure income to draw on.

It can be difficult at first, it’s not always about money either.

There are cultural, linguistic and bureaucratic barriers that must be overcome.

Yet, others, it comes easy, they may have had most of there post secondary
learning in the US, have a network of friends there and may just be ready
to make the leap from China to the USA.

The only thing that they may be waiting for is having
the proper visa issued to reside in the US.

For others it may be hard.

They have no credit, their money is tied up in an
overseas account and they just don’t know where to begin.

Many countries don’t have a “credit bureau” as they do in
the US. Even if they have loads of cash, something simple
like a credit card may be problematic.

Having friends in the US are very important to have
and they rely on them more so than ever.

Money is used differently by buyers from China as it is still quite a cash based society.

It’s almost legendary to hear about large sums of cash carried, literally
in bags when some travel and make big purchases.

They are not familiar with the legal aspect either,
that having  say $10, 000 in loose cash must be reported
(as it may look suspicious)by many border crossings like in the US or Canada.

Many times immigrants don’t like to talk about where
their money comes from or what they do and don’t
understand the way we do business here.

Real estate agents can not give legal advice.

Helping a buyer who doesn’t speak fluent English means an agent gets
deeply involved with their client on a personal level and depend on
you for many things, otherwise the deal may not go through.

Real-estate practices vary by country. In some countries,  people who can
afford to buy a house usually pay cash, but then lease the land underneath.

There is so much to learn about China cash buyers and we’re here to help you
navigate the road from getting that qualified referral turned into a serious buyer in no time.


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