China cash buyers have contributed
a lot to in the recovery of the property sector in the
United States, over the past couple years…

Doing business with the Chinese is a completely different than
in the US. We can not just expect our ways to be the norm.

Real Estate agents say that no group has posed more of a
challenge than the Chinese. When being effective in
building a strong relationship with qualified buyers,
don’t rule out anything, trips to China may prove
to be critical if you want to succeed in getting
those essential relationships built.

Friendships are more like “relationships” in China.
They are what you need to do get paperwork done,
find jobs, establish new relationships and even
buy a home..

Some agents may think that it is not necessary
to study Chinese business methods,
have real estate tours & learn
Mandarin, to close deals in the US…

How will you build the trusted relationships
that are needed to market your property?

When thinking about wealthy Chinese,
relationships are quite challenging to establish.

Most of China’s super wealthy class are cash buyers.
They rely heavily on their tight circle friends
and family members to do business with.
Prior experience is key to sustaining
the relationships in China.

The human, face to face contact is also essential
when trying to promote your listing.

Establishing that trust will prove to be
successful, if you intend to make a long term friend.

In China, friendships are
first, everything else is second.

At China cash buyers we will teach you a
step by step system to guide that will
give you an insider secrets into the
Chinese way of building trusted,
respectful and meaningful business

The old way of doing business is no longer good enough when
working with China cash buyers. We can’t expect people from
outside of our country to do business like we do in the US.
We need to adapt.

Albeit, it can be very confusing at first when starting to build strong
relationships and contacts with China cash buyers.

To succeed in finding qualified cash buyers from China requires having
“useful friendships”, (one’s that may have even larger connections).

If you are interested in getting qualified buyers from China to be
interested in you seriously, you will need to show how important
your services as a real estate agent will benefit their needs,
hopes and aspirations, too.

At times, it may be above and beyond to what your used to when
selling a home or property, but will literally pay off big when
you see that you can succeed in finding out exactly what to do,
how to put your concepts together to stand out from the rest.


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