In 2014, Chinese exchange students contributed more than $27 billion to the U.S. economy and approximately £10bn to the UK economy. Much of this contribution is due to housing and real estate purchases.

to do Chinese parents almost unanimously (over 90% of millionaires) want to send their children abroad. These are sharp, educated, tactical parents. They look at rent prices. In my experience, most exchange students plan on 10 years abroad to get situated, visa’s, get into a good school or school district, to graduate and get a first job. So with a 10 year time frame, renting abroad doesn’t make that much sense. Purchasing a house makes a heck of a lot more sense to Chinese parents who, often made a significant portion of their wealth in real estate.

The dream situation for Chinese parents sending children abroad is that the house they purchase ends up with capital gains equalling or surpassing the cost of university. So essentially, school abroad is free or even profitable for a good investor.

If you can do a spreadsheet and show potential capital gains based on relevant housing data in your area, it’s a killer sales pitch and show’s your acumen to Chinese buyers. For specifics and a template, optin to members area and you will have access to hundreds of practical, step by step, paint by numbers, plans to sell more real estate to Chinese buyers


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