Question I got from a friend and student today:

I was born in the year of the Dragon. Should I mention that to potential buyers?

My answer:

There is a wide variety of beliefs surrounding cultural aspects of China. It’s a good question. As a general rule, the zodiac is for friendships, love and relationships. However, when you are reaching for a topic and when the mood is light, you can talk about and ask questions in a business relationship. And actually I’ve had several clients ask me over the years.

Each animal has a complex relationship with the others and you can read more on that on wikipedia.  Keep in mind that there is no one better or worse sign as each has a different relationship depending on the person you are talking to.  There is no one sign that is good all the time.  However, in my experience and from reactions of people over the years, it seems that many think dragon is generally a good sign. Powerful

It’s good small talk after you sit down to a meal or are relaxing. I would never bring it up seriously. I would ask them, “which animal are you in the Chinese horoscope. I think I am a dragon because I was born in 1976. Is that correct?” Many will delight in “teaching” you about China. Your job is then to listen and ask questions.  What ever you do, don’t think about it too much and make sure you don’t come across as a know it all. Ask, listen and learn.

Use the topic as a tool to learn more about them. If the topic comes up, I ask about themselves, their wife or husband and how they see it rather than find out about my sign. (which is exactly what most people do at first)  Conversations like this often morph into opportunities to deepen your understanding of them which is always a good thing !  Good luck and keep the questions coming !


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