For every 1300 persons in China, there exists one millionaire and home to 63,500 super-rich.

There are several ways to discover and engage China cash buyers.

China cash buyers can be the most challenging investors to reach because
of the language and cultural barriers. It’s almost as if you have to put away
your old ways of thinking and learn new whole new paradigm.

The 2012 Hurun Wealth Report found that the USA is the second most
popular spot next to France for holidays and on average they spend
$6,000 per trip in the US (according to the US Travel Association)
and it is rising steadily, with over 30% increase over the last decade.

At  the end of 2010, there were 960,000 millionaires and 60,000
super-rich and comparably at  the end of 2009 recorded
over 875,000 millionaires and 55,000 super-rich.

Spending on their children’s education continues to increase,
with a clear preference towards sending their children to the US.

This is accompanied by the rise of emigration out of China
and investment in overseas real estate, the report also says.

Just how do you market your property online and offline
to get China cash buyer referrals?

You may or already know, if you haven’t heard already that,
the internet in China can be challenging in that there are
many western websites which are not even known in
China and some sites are blocked, unfortunately.

You may wish to host your website in China,
but it may even open up more problems…

You could host in Hong Kong as it may be a bit easier
with it being sort of “neutral” web ground as far as
the great firewall of China goes…

Yet this does change from time to time,
the easiest way to find out is by asking your
friend or someone in China to see if they can
access your website from China.

Another method of getting your message out is to have
your newsletters and press releases in Chinese,
this will show your buyers that you are
serious as many may not speak English as well.

Lastly, are you on Chinese Search Engines?
Have you tested it to make sure?

Are you familiar with Baidu, Weibo, Youku and QQ?

If you have your website all in English,
all your press releases and video on you tube
and are convinced that Facebook, Twitter,
and Skype are the only online methods
that you can use to help satisfy
your customers needs, you may be
missing the mark all together.

You will need to make sure your news can
be picked up major Chinese search engines as well.

Here at China Cash Buyers, we can give you the latest online
& offline tools and techniques to help you understand
the way things are done in China and get things done.

We take pride in helping you improve your chances in getting
that qualified referrals who will buy your property within a
reasonable amount of time, with no middle man, no lies
and or gimmicks.

Our team is here to help you every step of they way with
proven results, guaranteed.


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