Selling real estate for the first inside China seems like a daunting task. Should I participate in an event? (ie very expensive, up front costs) Which city inside China might have buyers that would want to buy real estate in my area? I heard that classify Chinese cities as first tier cities, second tier and so on. Should I advertise in China online? It’s very confusing and everyone is trying to market to me. Where do I start?

Of course, there are also no shortage of translators, middlemen, lead sellers, call centers, “marketing companies” that say they have “connections” to wealthy Chinese real estate buyers. But how do I know that? They often want $2,500 up front and nothing is transparent like modern marketing back home. Should I close my eyes and randomly pick one to start? (hint, this is the worst strategy)

I can’t answer all these questions in one article but I hope I can give you a few nuggets that help you get past the first hurdles. Instead of talking about city names and labels like the tiers, lets look at a map of China and see where potential Chinese real estate buyers for your listings might be.


In green are the 2,900,000 (and rapidly expanding) millionaires in China. In red are where China’s super rich live. If you are selling investment properties in the $200-300k range, both the green and red areas (and most of China is a possibility) but I would keep it in the red to start.

If you are marketing luxury properties to China’s richest high net worth individuals, you obviously should target Guangdong/Shenzhen in the South, Shanghai and Beijing up North. Don’t be confused by names like tier this and tier that. Keep it simple. This map (from Red Luxury) is very accurate in my opinion.

So now you have an idea of where potential Chinese buyers for your properties live. What to do next? For more information, listen to our free iTunes podcast

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