Did you know that 95% of internet users in China are registered
with a social media website.

Quiet a contrast with only 30% in Japan, 67% in the US and 70% in Korea…

China is leading the way in more ways than one.

Consumers here are more likely to buy a product
if a friend or acquaintance recommends it.

You may be wondering why social media is so powerful in China.
Social media is looked at as the most trustworthy place for new

Did you know that one in five (currently over 500 million users,)
of the world’s Internet users is living in China?

Internet usage has expanded faster in China than anywhere else
in the world.

The largest group of users in China is under 35 years old who
spends more than 12 hrs a week online and some believe that
is a conservative estimate.

Online & e commerce sales is expected to jump to $420 billion by 2015.

Facebook & Twitter dominate most countries, except for one country…

According to a recent internet based study, affluent users in
China favor Sina Weibo (it resembles Twitter).

Other social media sites include; Qzone, Renren & Kaixin.
China’s instant messaging is called QQ (it’s similiar to MSN).

China’s social media creates unique opportunities for finding
qualified cash buyers from China, it is essential in that it can
provide you with great insight and ultimately help you find
that cash buyer for you.

We at China Cash Buyers know the vast array of differences
in not only language and culture, we also know how to leverage
your property efficiently using China’s social media in your favor.


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