Simple formula for success selling real estate on Chinese social media

1. Don’t sell listings MLS listings, online ads, square meters, prices mean nothing to someone moving from another country.  They likely don’t even know your area!  Maybe don’t know the state.  Might not even be sure which country they want to buy in.

If you were moving to China, would an ad online with square meters sell you on a listing?  On an agent?  Or would you want to learn a heck of a lot more first?

2. Don’t sell anything What?  Don’t sell?  How will I sell my listings if I don’t sell?  Again think from a Chinese buyers perspective.  What does he need to know about your country?  Your city?  Area? Your company and YOU before he trusts you?  Think of it like fishing more than selling. If you put the right bait on the hook, the fish will be attracted.  What is the bait?  Well there is not perfect bait and not every fish is the same but there are types of buyers and types of information that is very attractive.

3. Decide which type of buyer you will target Mainland Chinese buyers can roughly be divded into 3 types.

a. Education: Buyers who are sending children abroad for education and want to buy a place for them to live in for the, on average, 10 years they will be abroad.  What to post?

Schools, clean cut students dong group events, information from authoritative media on how the school in your area has many successful graduates, food in the area, BBQ party pictures, pictures of blue skies, rivers, 

b. Hands off ROI: Investors looking for a $200,000-300,000 USD property for cash flow and capital appreciation. These buyers often buy sight unseen and usually cash. They also prefer multiple properties in a small area. What to post?

Stories and statistics. Stories of investors doing well in your area with the type of listings you are selling. Stories of Chinese who successfully invested nearby.  Pictures of clean, safe streets.  Statistics, numbers, ROI, real returns, historically, in your area on your type of properties. 

c. Buying houses, warehouses, commercial properties near their business interests. After establishing an income abroad through a trading company, manufacturing firm or services company,  What to post? 2 types

Casual Personal : pictures of your house, kids, dog, neighborhood, down to earth real life. These investors are sophisticated and can see through a phony. They also have similar needs to any wealthy investor. They want to know who you are and what you offer but don’t have much time to look around.


Business Photo: You might take a photo with a professional photographer and rethink that green suit. This agent is a good example of the dress code. Dark, conservative colors, professional look, stylish hair, high quality photo. Your picture and your website will position you as an equal to your buyer.  Wealthy Chinese want to deal with equals. You have to up your game but it will pay off handsomely.  Wealthy Chinese are 10 years on average younger than other countries so a professional photo that is taken at an unusual angle, artistically can also work but if I had only one photo, I would use a white background myself. 

Post on topics that are interesting for these 3 types of people. Educate them by showing them. Pictures of schools, stories of wealthy Chinese who invested successfully in your area, information about business opportunities in your area.

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