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Paul Salo is an expat in Shanghai who has been in China for. China is becoming more important on the world stage. It’s an exciting place to be. People are very optimistic right now. Everything is getting better. It’s an enjoyable place to live, so I would say, get off your backside and go learn some new things.

I want to talk to you about the very survival of your business. So if you are selling real estate, I really recommend that you listen because the rules have changed in the last few years. Money is literally flooding out of China. Individual money. Institutional money. Group money. Buying land. Buying farms. Commercial complexes. Luxury properties. High-end properties. I mean investment properties. I don’t want to be overly dramatic but its good to look at the numbers.

China’s outbound real estate investment was pegged at $5 billion this year. But now it’s looking very conservative. Before it was gateway cities like Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, London, but now its changed. It’s everywhere. Brokers like you are doing record-breaking deals that are changing their lives. What if I were to tell you that Chinese are increasing exponentially buying more but in the future they will be a factor determining the winner and losers in real estate. To miss out on those buyers puts you at a major disadvantage. Not to mention poorer for your efforts.

What you are gonna hear on this tape and also in the program is brand new. It’s not a rehash of anyone else’s trainings. Its not some academic mumbo jumbo to help you “understand the market”. I will literally take you on a journey. When you are done, not only will you know what buyers want, you’ll know where to find them, online and off, you’ll also be prepared so you don’t drive them away. This contains very practical, basically nonpolitically correct, boots on the ground methods that will get you in front of wealthy Chinese buyers and closing the deals that you want.

I’m Paul Salo and I’ve spent 24 years selling real estate and services in Asia. I’ve mentored and taught hundreds of real estate agents in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. My students have succeeded. They start out as regular brokers. They sell residential properties. Often they move on to commercial properties, larger properties and they’ve even used their skills to build their business to the point where they are developing properties and selling exclusively to Chinese buyers.

Sometimes understanding thing is so simple. I want you to have a look. Look on the slide right now. That’s up there and I want you to ask yourself “What is that?” Anybody a scuba diver here? What uh, what do you think that is? Do you guess what that is? Ok, lets go ahead and switch it over.

aha! Now do you know what it is? That’s a Strawberry Sponge and the difference between those two pictures is just simply a little bit of light. A little bit of light shined on there and you can see. It becomes very clear what you are looking at.

‘so that’s what I’m doing here with this, uh, with this series. Is I’m just shedding a little light. So that you can see, you’ll be able to see and figure out the situation with Chinese investors. You know, where they are, how they think, how they operate, the problems they have, the goals they have, the dreams they have, the issues they have and how to suss out where they are in the process and how to get them to the table and get yourself another sold house. So it’s a very simple process: sometimes as simple as turning on the light.

So people ask, why are you an expert? How do you know, why are you teaching me this? What can you teach me? You’re not Chinese? How do you do this? how did this whole thing start? And a little bit about my story. I talked a little bit about it in the webinar. But uh, basically, the story in short is, I came to China-I was going around the world in 1989 after I finished school and uh I ran out of money in China. you know, back then China was actually expensive. There was a lot of barriers and we had to use special currency and especially at hotels and all these things. So basically and I bought some art and things like that. So I got totally ripped off but uh either way I ran out of money.

So I was in China and I had no money. And I just thought I’m too proud to ask my parents for help and I just thought I don’t want to go home. I wasn’t done. I was interested in China. I was more interested after being here. So I said, I’m gonna make some money and I saw some guys on the street some Chinese guys selling stuff on the street just standing there. You know back then, everything was on the street. They were just, you could grab a chair and cut your hair there. you know there was no store. You just sit down there and get a massage or cut your hair. or whatever. So I said, hey if those guys can do it, I can do it.

So I went I found some pictures, I found this French artist guy that was staying in my building, I bought the pictures off him and went outside and put them on the floor on the street and I started to sell to Chinese people as they were walking by. To get on this boat and when I first started doing it people were just laughing. Like “a foreigners doing this in China” haha What the heck? They didn’t even know what I was doing cause I was kind of standing there and there were a lot of people. So they would step on the pictures sometimes as they were walking by. Cause they were just sitting on the ground, right. So pretty soon I got good at it. I got a decent corner and I was able to protect the pictures and I would just start to talk to people as they walked by. I’d say I would start to sell the pictures and I wasn’t selling theoretical. Every night I had to go home and I was paying daily for my place and I had to pay my rent. So I was actually paying you know, it was, the pressure was on: Heat was on.

You know, at the time, I thought it was embarrassing. I never told this story because you know I thought its kind of embarrassing like selling on the street in China. Why? You know. But now I look back it was the best thing that ever happened to me because I wasn’t like the other foreigners sitting in the air conditioned hotels and you know, taking these uh, you know, wonderful tours, where they were told whatever they were told. You know I was actually on the ground dealing with normal people from the beginning. And on the same level.

You know. So I was competing directly in China with other Chinese guys selling things. And that was the best thing that ever happened to me because I learned from the inside how people think. How people decide. How to get someones attention. How to make somebody laugh cause I couldn’t speak any Chinese and I didn’t know anything about Chinese culture. You know I was just brand new in China. Going around the world. And, but, so I learned from the ground up and then now what 24 years later I’ve been working in Asia ever since. So raised money from Chinese people. Founded businesses with Chinese people, sold real estate, leased houses, leased commercial space, sold old (historic) houses, dealt with the government,uh I’ve been even beaten by 30 thugs with sticks and chains and kidnapped at gun point. You know, I’ve been through a lot of stuff in China. I was never the one to be the high level expat uh i’m above the crowd. I was always right down and that’s what I like to be. I like to know what’s really going on in China. I like to know what people are really thinking. So, quickly, right on the ground. I want to be getting that information on a street level. That’s just the way I always do it. So but all that, that’s the unique experience that I have. That has allowed me to now be able to put this all

This video is not for people who are not going to do anything. You know. Just somebody who wants some mental masturbation and watch the video. I want people that are ready to act. Who see the opportunity and are gonna grab the opportunity. who are gonna. They buyers they start here from China and kind of goes out in a bit of a shock wave if you look at it on the map. You know it hit uh Singapore a couple years ago. Lot of Chinese buyers. Tons of Chinese buyers. Hit Hong Kong first, right. and uh then uh it hit uh New Zealand and Australia and it just kinda goes out from there, right. And right now in New Zealand at the Brokerage Barefoot and Thompson of their top 25 agents, 19 are selling almost exclusively to Chinese. So think about that. They are selling exclusively toChinese. 19 of 25! I mean that if that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know does. I think basically you know the wave is coming and it’s coming to a theatre near you!

So what’s, whats next? Unfortunately uh worse is coming next because after Chinese move in an area, uh the brokers that had a chance before often that don’t get the Chinese buyers they kinda get pushed out of the way. Right? Because you know as with all business as you know, is winner gets all the spoils, right. So the best listings. The awards. The cash. Security. The best for them and their family. The best lifestyle. It’s expected that, um, 60 million new middle class Chinese buyers will hit the market in the next 3 years. So, if you don’t study now, when will there be time? When will the time be to study, right? And, I hate to tell you this but I just got to put it all down. Is that it’s even worse than that. You know, a lot of times. I have a lot of, you know because I’m here in Shanghai, am based in China and I’ve been based in Asia for 24 years. I often get contacted by brokers from all over the world. From everywhere, from Cyprus, from Brazil, from Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, obviously the US and Canada, uh Mexico. I got several inquiries from South America, this year and everywhere in Asia, basically. And what they often want, they want, a referral. So they will say something like “well you have buyers, you know, and uh refer them to me and you’ll make a lot of money”. And they think that is very attractive. But, for a lot of reasons, uh ask yourself, have you seen that happen? Have you gotten a good referral from an Asian buyer or sorry, from an Asian agent? Probably not. And it goes to the heart of the difference. Chinese buyers, in Chinese culture, is it’s based on guanxi right. So guanxi is like interpersonal relationships. That’s basically how business is done in China. So when you introduce somebody in China its very different than when you introduce in another country. Like in Australia, a broker will have a good buyer and the buyer will move from lets say Sydney to Brisbane and they will introduce to someone they know over there and they’ll get a referral. And its similar in most countries. It’s very easy, if someones moving, cities and they’ll do a referral. But with international buyers from China, it’s a very different situation. Basically, if I introduce somebody, to another, whether its a broker, a business opportunity even it goes so far that even if I have a party in my house. If I have a party in my house and, lets say there is a bad person at that party, and they got into a business relationship with one of my friends and lets say, this didn’t happen to me but I’ve seen this happen and in fact, its such a popular thing that there is even a famous TV show about this kind of thing.

Where one person will introduce another person and they won’t get a good deal and won’t be happy and they will get revenge on the person, not on the guy who did it, but on the person who introduced them. Because when you introduce somebody in China you’re responsible for everything that happens after that so that’s one of the biggest reasons why you won’t be getting any referrals from China because unless somebody knows you and grew up with you and really trusts you like a brother they are not going to be introducing people to you. You know, their butts on the line, right, when they are introducing to you. So people are very careful about introductions in Chinese business in general. So you have to think about the reality of business, what’s really
happening, if you’re sitting there, lets say, in the US, or Canada and you’re expecting that everybody is going to be the same as you and they are going to act the same as you, you’re out of your mind because it really is different. When it comes to referrals, people are just, they value their relationship very much. Often the relationship lasts a lot longer, it’s a lot harder to get into with Chinese but once you get into it, it’s much more valuable because you have more of a deeper relationship. And a more long term relationship.

Alright, so Paul, you’re telling me that, if I don’t’ study now, the wave is going to, I’m going to miss these first time buyers, and then after that, it’s harder to get them the second time, right? To get them from the other agents, I have to win them over and you’re also telling me that the wealthy buyers are coming now and you’re telling met that very soon 60,000,000 middle class buyers are coming. And that whole families are coming. People are buying multiple houses. I was out to dinner with a guy two nights ago and he is buying three houses in San Francisco, one for himself, one for his wife’s family and one for his parents. So he is buying 3 houses. So you’re telling me Paul that these juicy buyers, and you’re making it even worse because you are saying that referrals don’t even work, people are not going to give me a referral. So calling agents in China is not going to work. So What is going to work? If I can’t do that, I don’t even speak Chinese, I don’t even know where to start. Another culture, What can I do?

And here’s where the good news comes in. Imagine that suddenly a bright light comes shining in from above. What is going to work is that I’ve developed a step by step comprehensive system based on 24 years of experience in China and I’ve also interviewed the top real estate agents in China real estate professionals, translated the interviews, into English, I’ve taken all their best ideas, their tactics, the tools, the technology, different websites, applications, cultural insights, the best Chinese behavioural psychology, buying behaviour and I’ve taken all these facts and tested them and turned them into modules, where we can take you step by step, from the very beginning, to lay out the secrets, to finding and doing business with Chinese buyers.
It’s taken me two year solid but a lot more than that, if you looked at my room, there are hundreds of pages of notes and I pretty much just destroyed my apartment, testing and organising, tactics and ideas and clear steps to create for you an A-Z comprehensive program. Here’s a word from Pete Thomas.

Hi my name is Pete Thomas. Iv’e been real consultant and a professional photographer here in the Bay Area for the past 20 years. I spent about a 100 hours researching on the internet for a client of mine who is interested in being able to sell his property here in Burlingame to someone in China for cash. The more that I searched, the less that I knew, the more conceptions I had that were incorrect. I finally stumbled across Paul Salo’s China Cash Buyers website inadvertently as I was looking and I found him on Facebook of all places. Well I got in touch with Paul and Paul told me that he was launching this new product and I thought to myself who, this is really great all of a sudden I don’t have to spend all this time researching stuff I can actually learn from a master who understands the economy in China, who understands the mentality of the Chinese cash buyer and can really point me in the right direction and save me a tremendous amount of time.

Well I was amazed at the result. After I went through the program I had so many misconceptions that were totally incorrect and Paul basically gave me everything I needed to be able to find a Chinese cash buyer, do everything possible to make sure that I understand the market. It’s really difficult when you are talking about going into a foreign country where you don’t understand the language and I thought well that’s gonna be a huge barrier. Well, Paul eliminated all of that. So all i can tell you is that you really really need this program, It’s well, well worth the amount of money that you spend. You are gonna save yourself tons of time and not waste a moment. So make sure you get China Cash Buyers.

You can do this. I have the system. It’s a step by step system that can teach you exactly how to target Chinese buyers. How to find them. How to find them online. How to find them in person. How to network. We’ll go through each of the modules in a second but I just want to say that you, no matter where you are. no matter where you are from, you can find Chinese investors. The bad news is that anyone can do it. So once you understand how to do it, it’s like your competitors can do it. So it’s not that complex but there is completely different system that system that you have to think. you have to prepare in advance and also negotiation and how to get referrals. Everything is different. But it’s also very simple. So once you understand the market, it’s actually easier than you think to become the go-to person for your area for Chinese buyers. The go-to person online, the go-to person in person and also the person with the network who can actively find new buyers. So you have passive buyers contacting you by email, telephone, different software and social networks and you have the ability to go and find buyers for specific properties by utilising your network. So it’s something you can do. It’s something I’ve taught a lot of people how to do and I have finally recorded it.

It’s an online video course, ok, so after you get into the members area, you’ll login, there will be a series of 11 modules and we’ll go through each week we’ll have a webinar on Friday. I’ll give you the exact times in an email. But every week we’ll have a webinar and a question and answer from me, not from my assistant, not from my partner, it’ll be from me and you can ask any question and problem that you had. How to write a listing, How to promote a listing. If you have some specific problem or you can’t find the decision maker if a big group of people come. Sometimes it can be complicated knowing who is the decision maker. Teach you how to do that. So the webinar allow you to ask any questions. So we’ll do a 11 webinars on every friday and once a week and that allows you to go through one modules a week.If you want to go faster that’s fine or skip back but the
webinar will answer questions from the module that we are focusing on that week. So you can do it. Many people before you have done it. And whoever does it first is going to get the biggest benefits. Because the wave, like any wave, doesn’t go on forever. I mean because it’s..we’re talking about China it’s a massive wave of people. Probably more people than you can imagine. But, that being said, everything ends at some point. So people that get in first are the ones who get those first time buyers who have the best ability to get the best referrals and get that deep network. Where you don’t have to run after every deal. Every deal is not fresh, starting from scratch, like brand new, you don’t know the person, they don’t know you. They don’t trust you. You know all that kind of thing. You’ll know the people; you’ll trust the people and people will come to you because
you will have the answers for them. You’ll understand what people need. So there is no magic in it. It’s understanding what people need; how they think and if you are prepared, then naturally, you’ll be the go-to guy. So it’s not about how you look. Its about what you got prepared. So it’s the information that you have. These other things, they make small differences but the main thing is that you know what you are talking about and you can help the people.

So I’ll teach you exactly step by step how to prepare for your area. So this is not a general, video course, where you are learning totally general stuff. No. This is, I’ll teach you how your area, wherever you are in the world. How you can prepare and have your area ready because you’ll know exactly what Chinese people will want in your area and you’ll have the answers to the questions before they ask. Because believe me, if there is one thing that new buyers are not is they’re not, they are not patient. So if you don’t have the answers and they ask you about immigration or education and you don’t know what you are talking about, believe me, you’re never going to get another email from them. You have to be right on. You have to be ready and you send that off, boom, when they get it, they’re like,whoa, this person really understands me. So they will ask you another question. And you’ll start the process. But if that first, if you drop that first ball, that’s the reason why I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on advertising in China if you don’t have experience or you haven’t studied how to deal with Chinese buyers because you are just going to drop the every ball and that’s what happens whenever I send a referral to somebody who hasn’t been trained. So that’s what I want to make so that you take advantage of each referral and you not just capitalise on it but actually turn it into a network of friends, that become more and greater like pulling out that kelp out of the ocean when I was a kid.

We have 11 modules. There are 11 videos. It’s about 7-8 hours of video but we are going to be creating more video every week. So in addition to every week we’ll have a webinars. The webinars alone. I”ve done events where people paid us $100,000 to do a real estate event in China. You’re getting all this included in the product. Every week we’ll have one hour together, you can ask me any question, whether it’s about that module or even another module. Some specific problem that you are having. And, here are the modules; this is going to give you an idea of what we are going to start with. We’re gonna start with Internet Research. So I’m going to teach you, with no Chinese knowledge, no knowledge of characters, or ability to use a Chinese typewriter how you can research what’s happening in your local market. So let me give you an example, so you live in, like I’m from San Clemente, California, right, so I can go in, and I’m going to show you, step by step, it’s a screen capture video so you can see my screen, how I can research what properties are selling to Chinese right now in San Clemente and what people are buying. How properties are being presented, in Chinese even though you don’t read any Chinese. So we are gonna use a number of free tools and I’m going to show them so they’ll know, oh I see, my area everybody is buying this type of house. Or this type of house is all over the web or that type of house I never see on any of the Chinese websites. Right because there are already Chinese agents selling to Chinese right now.

And when you get like, think of it like x-ray glasses. You’ll have these x-ray glasses and you’ll understand what Chinese are buying in your area and that will help supplement what I’m going to teach you in the rest of the modules. Because you will see what people are doing in real time in your area already. Or if you want to search another like Los Angeles or London to give you a better idea of, kind of a birds eye view of the market you can do that too. Or you can do it as a whole country. You can search “what are people buying in the US?”. But it works really well in the local area and that’s what it’s designed for. So you’ll know, given that there are different kinds of houses in your area, you know like, as a general rule, Chinese families love apartments with an elevator. They want to be facing South. And they want to have square or rectangle walls. Not round walls in a house. They want to have a balcony to put clothes out to dry. There are certain things that the average Chinese family would want. But why is that so useless to you? The reason why it’s useless to you is because maybe your area maybe doesn’t any of that stuff. So you won’t know, in my area, what would Chinese buy? What would be interesting? How would I present a house to a Chinese buyer? I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that. So you can take, you’ll understand the general market and you’ll be able to apply it to your area. So you can write a killer listing. That just has people lining up to have people come and check it out. Because you will know exactly what to say. You’ll know what people want. That’s in the internet research module. There is a lot more but that’s just the beginning.

Next Chinese buyers 101: We’re going to go over the different types of buyers. What motivates them? The educational buyers, they are sending their kids overseas to study. Maybe the child is very very young not even ready yet but they are buying the house now. It’s going to be all about that. Different aspects of that type of buyer. The investors. What do the investors want? What do they value? What do they think? So you can get the right listings that just fly off the shelves because you’ll know, people tend to move in waves, and especially first time buyers tend to follow the crowd more so once you know what people are looking for right now you can just get it ready and brrr, sell multiple listings.

That’s what I want to make you. Not just a local agent but somebody who is a better business man. So you sell not just one house but you actually have a system to sell a lot of houses and this works very well with Chinese buyers. Once you understand the type of buyer you are dealing with and along with Chinese buyers 101, you’ll know all the different types of buyers and you’ll know the questions you should ask them if they are serious. So one of the biggest problems I hear is, people will call me and say, you know, I had a buyer and I took him out for three days, we drove around in my car, I took him out to lunch like you said, we did everything and then he left and I never got in touch with him again. He never answered my phone call. I’m going to show you how that will never happen to you. Cause one is that you will have a tight connection to him using a secret weapon (not only will you know how to get a hold of him but you’ll actually see what he is doing, what’s happening in his life) and you’ll have that connection with him. Not just as a business connection. But you will also understand how to ask him the right questions because, my belief is that people want to tell the truth, if they are not serious, they want to tell you. But you have to ask them and then you’ll know and be able to manage your time a lot better.

So I think thats, the misunderstanding of Chinese buyers is what drives people away. Because they say, “I tried. But it didn’t work”. I’m going to do it so it’ll work for you. You’ll understand how it works and you’ll know when they are not ready and then you don’t pressure them. You’ll know exactly what to say and you can put them on hold and you can work with some other buyers, often you will get a referral from them, because you knew how to treat them, and then they are ready, they will come to you. Because you will be the one person who knows exactly where they are coming from. Sometimes just one or two questions puts people at ease. They realise they are talking to someone who knows them, right,, and it makes it so much easier for future business. So Chinese buyers 101 is key.

Next we are going to talk about the differences in the market. Real estate markets. Specifically how that relates to you. This is more of a birds eye. educational module, where you will understand, basically, if you understand how someone was raised and how people grow up makes a big difference. How buyers grow up also makes a massive difference. So the things that Chinese people use to decide what to buy in China influences what they buy outside China. And sometimes I’m going to teach you how to present things in a way that make it interesting for them and other times I am going to educate the buyer. Sometimes you have to tell people they are wrong and “this is a misunderstanding”. This market is different. But I’ll teach you how to do that so everybody saves face and I’lll allow you to educate the buyer. I”l teach you how you can educate the buyer. And believe me, they will be listening because they know that a lot of their ideas are misunderstandings but when you understand the two different markets:how the people think it just gets so easy because believe me, this is when the pieces really start to fall together is when you understand where people are coming from. What they did before. If you don’t know the Chinese market at all, good luck selling the Chinese real estate. Because you won’t have any idea of what they are thinking. So we’ll talk about the markets.

Next we are going to talk about how, what happens when you get really good buyers, who have a lot of money, who buy a ton of real estate? What happens? You get more listings ! Right? You are the go-to agent. Everybody wants to deal with you. “You want to sell a house? Talk to him! Talk to her! She just sold a house for $16 million dollars! She’s got the buyers” . So, of course, when you do well with Chinese buyers and you have a lot of wealthy buyers, buying cash, of course you get the better listings, so you move up in that way. This is a short module but it’s going to show you how you can use the fact that you are focusing and succeeding with Chinese buyers to help your business improve on both the supply and demand side. So you’ll have better listings, you’ll have a better relationship and you’ll have easier business on the other side. So you win both ways with this one. Very short module.

Next one is “Networking/Making Friends”. We’re going to talk about all aspects of networking with Chinese groups, business groups, there are like Chinese Kiwanis Clubs and things like that, that you definitely want to know about, these groups, because once you join these groups, and you go to these meetings, you know. This is how Chinese do business. It’s just all relationships. Don’t think you can just get in there and not relate to anybody and just sell them a square meter and they are going to buy a house from you. There is no way. And also, these business relationships, to me, can be really interesting. Chinese people just think differently about business and when you get involved in the groups and you see what’s happening and there is all this new money coming in. And there is this Chinese community and there is the outside community, there is the online community, there is the offline community, I mean the opportunities. I get opportunities everyday. I shouldn’t say everyday good ones but I get good opportunities all the time from our landlords. They will say, well I want to start an English school or I want to start a new Italian restaurant or I want to rent this or I want to buy that or our company is thinking about buying a warehouse in LA because now we are leasing a warehouse. So there are all these other things that if you want to, you can move up to much larger properties and commercial properties and large pieces of land and selling to government and to big state owned enterprises. So that’s where this all comes in when you are networking. When you know more people, you’ll have more options. Maybe you won’t want to do that, maybe you will just want to keep selling houses all the time, that’s fine too, but you’ll sell more houses. But you will also have these other opportunities and that comes from making friends. Like I said before, making friends is always good and always fun. And your life is more fulfilling.

Next thing I’ll teach you how can get peoples attention. How they will know that you want to help them and you can help them. This, I call it “put out a welcome mat”. I will just give you one story here. When I first came to China. I was climbing the Emei Mountains. I was coming down and there were these stairs, it was 40 kilometres of mountain. Coming downstairs, it was 40 kilometres it was like 25 miles. So I’m walking all this distance. There are all these people trying to, they had these little huts, on the way and they are all trying to get me into the hut to eat. And finally I came to one and there was big sign, that said, “Fried Children” So I thought that was hilarious so that I got to go to this one. So I went inside and I ordered the fried children, turns out it was chicken but uh, misspelling there. But you know, that sign just drew me in. I saw that one sign, it was in English, it wasn’t perfect English but it was in English but I knew that I was welcome. They were trying to get my attention. I’m going to teach you how you can put out a welcome mat and Chinese people will know that you are trying to get their attention. Maybe you’re not perfect but they’ll know that you’re the guy. They will at least give you a try. They will come in. They will visit your site, They will add you on their social network. So how do you put out that welcome sign? That’s a key thing. I think it’s a little bit of a heart thing. If people know you are welcoming them and they want to be nice to people like that. Easier to do business. So put out a welcome mat.

Qualifying Chinese buyers is the next module. This one is a very nuts and bolts. It’s very simple. We are going to have questions that you can ask so that you will know exactly where in the buying process this person is. There are a lot of issues with Chinese buyers. They are moving money. They are moving their family. They are relocating internationally. There are a lot of moving parts so when you have the list of questions to ask them, you’ll know where they stand.

And you’ll also know, because you know where they stand, you’ll also know how you can help them and how you can not help them. Part of this is building a team of professionals that can help you answer these other questions they have. Maybe they need to move money out of China. Maybe they have a trading company and they don’t know how to get money out of China. Maybe they don’t have a trading company.

Maybe they’re selling a place and they have cash in the bank. Maybe the cash is in Hong Kong and, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not telling you legally what you can do but, I’ll tell you generally, how the Chinese, how money moves and how it’s generally done. What you do in the end is all up to you and that’s your decision and your clients also. But I’ll give you kind of a top down understanding. You’ll be able to qualify the buyers. You’ll understand where they are in the process. You’ll know in advance if there are going to be problems and don’t get overwhelmed.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t think. Hey he’s told so many things. These are great. You know I love these ideas and I trust this guy I don’t think I can, I mean it’s so many ideas, I don’t know if I can do it. Don’t think that. You don’t have to be perfect. That welcome sign, that fried children sign got me in there eating. You don’t have to be perfect. Take one thing at a time. So I want you to go baby steps. Try one thing and try another and try another and we’ll get you from the very beginning, and this is a product for people that don’t know anything, starting from scratch. Dealing with Chinese buyers. So I’m expecting that you don’t have any experience. You don’t speak Chinese. You might not even be able to use chopsticks. But I’m going to take you from there to be the go-to person in your area. And it’s step by step, one little baby step at a time, so baby step, understanding, implementing an idea, in this case, qualifying the buyers. Qualifying the buyer puts them at ease and puts you at ease. Because you know where they stand and they know where you stand and everybody’s more comfortable then. So will be able to manage your time better because you will have that timeline. You won’t be that agent, that called me the other day that was frustrated that the buyer never got back to them. He didn’t know how to quality the buyer.

Next we are gonna talk about Small Talk. And this is just how to talk to people. How do you talk to somebody who maybe their English isn’t very good. Maybe they are a little bit nervous. Maybe they don’t know who to trust. Maybe the topics that they talk about might be completely different. I don’t know if you have ever been overseas and tried to tell a joke before. But if you ever tried to tell and American joke or used British humour in Japan, often times they are not going to get it.

They are just going to not get it. And that’s what happens with small talk. You are both doing something but it’s not connecting. You’re telling a joke that’s funny but they are not getting it. And they are saying something they think is hilarious but you are not getting it. I’m going to teach you how to start to get together. We are going to make series out of small talk. Because I’ve had so much good feedback on this one both from Chinese and from foreigners. Small talk is the key thing. It’s something I like to talk about. It’s how to make friends. What not to talk about too. What not to ask when you need somebody. How can you get that smooth conversation. Cause when I see a group of Chinese, I’ll come up. And next thing you know, I’ll be sitting down with everybody, talking, laughing, people wonder how do I do it. I’ll teach you exactly how. Using small talk. Small talk can be huge because this is what connects the heart. It connects the. It’s the personal connection. A lot of times thats the key thing with Chinese buyers. Other times its very very hard core reality so you got to be ready for both.

Ok, next thing is social media. I’ve spoken at social media conferences on Chinese social media. I use social media. I have a pretty big following in Chinese social media. I make a lot of friends on social media. I found a buyer for a $26 million dollar property on Chinese social media. That was in the South of France. And I just have a lot of experience of using Chinese social media to connect with people that have similar ideas. You know, we are on the same wavelength.

So it’s pretty easy to do. It’s much much easier than you think. Again, baby steps. A lot of websites are blocked. Facebook is blocked, Google+ is blocked. Twitter is blocked. A lot of sites even if they are not completely blocked they don’t work very well like Foursquare so a lot of sites that you use, Chinese don’t use. So I’m going to show you how you can, partake in Chinese social media but at the same time how not to waste your life. I’m going to give you like, just like a rifle shot. Straight to the heart, so you can spend 5 minutes and you can get the reaction that you want. Or at least you can get your message out there. If the message is wrong, then you are going to get the wrong reaction. But I’m going to teach you both. What you can do on Chinese social media without writing any Chinese. To give you a hint, of one thing, is that, Chinese love pictures. Pictures that paint a picture of what it’s like to be somewhere. Paint a picture of the food, paint a picture of the lifestyle, the people. Things like that. There are a lot of ways you can do it. You don’t have to be an expert.

You don’t have to speak Chinese. You don’t have to read Chinese but you can make a great connection online. There are a ton of Chinese people who before they move overseas, the first thing they do is they want to make a friend. Just like in the old days you’d have like a pen pal. You’d write a letter to that pen pal. When I’m moving to a new area. When Chinese move to a new area, if they make a friend on social media, there is a very good chance they will ask you all kinds of advice, questions, and you can help them in so many ways. So that connection on social media is just really really powerful. Much more powerful. And the Chinese do a lot of business on social media. It’s more acceptable in Chinese culture than it is overseas. There are more advertisements than there were ever were on Twitter. It’s more accepted. It’s just part of, people expect it. I’ll teach you how you can do you can do a soft sell. Because you are doing a soft sell. You are selling a lifestyle.

You are not selling a hard core Goldman Sachs investment. You are selling a brand new life for them. You are selling a dream really. And when you know how to sell that dream, when you understand the Chinese dream and you know how to, how your area looks compared to that dream and how you can present that area to them, that fulfils that Chinese overseas dream it’s a piece of cake. It really is. And you’ll be the only guy who knows how to do it because no one else has any clue.

Next is the translation module. Translation is one the biggest issues. I’m going to teach you how you can use the different tools, that you will be able to, like we said in the research module, you’ll be able to research, you’ll be able to, different services, you know, I don’t know if you know but for like, as low as $5 you can now translate a listing, very well into Chinese.

Using Chinese native speakers. Which is, in the old days, translation was very expensive. That’s the basic message. Translation used to be very expensive, complicated, difficult, slow, black box. I used to translate movies and TV shows in the old days. Many many years ago and it was very complicated. We had faxes, that were 300 pages long. We had like staying up all night. It was complicated, It was difficult. I had a friend who did who did it and helped her. We did it together and translation has just changed so much with the iPhone. With new tools that are available.

Translation is no longer a black box. It’s actually easy. You don’t ned to speak any other languages, you just have to know which tools and how. And then which, sometimes you need human services, so which human services are the best. The best price, the best speed, you’ll already have your listing or your message in a format that is exciting that matches, like I said, the Chinese dream.

So it matches the dream. It matches the language and boom it’s up online. And you have people calling you. Which is what you want. You want people calling you and saying, so that you are not always out there cold calling. or selling. What’s the difference in your life if you are out there all the time calling everybody or if they are calling you? Which is better? Which do you want? I hate cold calling. I’m good at it actually.

I’m a really good cold caller. But I don’t cold call at all any more. People call me. People cold call me. Buyers cold call me. Hey I want to move to Australia. My daughter need to go to school there. Ok, we start the process. We want to get an investment in the UK. We are looking for this or looking for that. And I get them on the right track. They contact us. It will be the same for you. For your area. They will contact you for your area. People ask me sometimes, why Paul why would you make this product? Why wouldn’t you just sell real estate? Why wouldn’t you just sell all the time? No one has ever done this. The product you guys are looking at right now, no one has ever tried this before. Go online and search “how to sell real estate to Chinese” and see what happens in Google.

You’ll come up with my website and you’ll come up with a couple websites trying to sell you advertising and that’s it. There is nobody teaching this. Partly because not many people know and there are not many people doing it yet. But believe me, if you are here, it’s much much easier than you think. So I want to get you started as soon as possible.

So last thing is, I’ve, this one I’ve really thought about and I’ve I went and back and forth on. I’m going to give you. I made a product that teaches you how to sell real estate at a real estate event in China. We have an event company here in China and we do for example for banks, or developers, or large real estate, companies, we’ll lease a space and we will actually build out the whole area and advertise and sell property in China at a 3 day its like a trade show for real estate. I’m the most experienced person I know Chinese real estate trade show guy I know.

I don’t know anybody else like me. I’ve been in Asia for 24 years. I’ve been to so many of these trade shows that, believe me, most of the people running them are like 25 years old. I mean I’m 48 and Ive been to ton of these shows. And I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. I know which space, which angle, how many people you need, what goes wrong, what events work, which don’t work. which Chinese holidays how they affect the traffic into the venue. I know I actually know the events themselves. So I know this event is run by this person and that event is run by this person and thats run by that guy. And this event last year nobody actually sold any property.

I actually know inside information like that. So i can I don’t I hate seeing people get ripped off. It just drives me insane and events is just one area, where anywhere in the world, events can often be its a like pre-internet almost. It’s like black box time. You don’t know what happened last year. But I’ll tell you, one thing you can do, if you doubt me at all, search “Chinese real estate events” and look at 2012, 2011, 2010 and see the companies that are advertising on there. They are going to be all different. Why are they different? If they were successful wouldn’t they be there the next year? Wouldn’t it be the same companies? Right. Why would they change?

The reason why they change is because it’s complicated and they are failing. They are coming over to China. They are throwing money at a problem. They are advertising in China. They are doing an event in China and they are getting very little result or nothing. Or even negative result where they just have trouble and problems. and there are a lot of black boxes I guess you call them scams. Because you are a one time buyer coming to China, you are coming to China one time for an event and it’s just like a system. They just going to fleece you of your money. So I’m going to teach you how you can actually turn this around and, events is the, one of the best ways you can sell in China. It’s one of the very very best ways. And I learned everything from standing on that street corner. How to do an event.

How to talk to people you don’t know. How to get people’s attention. How to make your booth the go=to booth. and it depends on what area you are from. If you are from Hawaii if you’re from the UK, if you’re from Northern Canada, if you’re from the South Island of New Zealand, if you are from Sydney your booth is going to have to be very different. This product usually sells for $299. I’m going to give it away if you buy now. So the events product.

Success Events China is going to teach you everything from leasing space in China, in the event itself, I’ll teach you how if you want to rent, let’s say an open space in a hotel, outside of an event, and you make your own event. How to advertise, How to pick the space. How to negotiate the terms. How to negotiate for the equipment you need. China has some great printers and they make, you can get some very nice business cards, and things made cheaply, brochures, often the designer is free. They don’t even charge you. So I’ll teach you how you can take advantage of all these things. Take you costs down to like 1/5th of what you were going to spend and have like 100 times more benefit. We’ve sold properties as many as 21 properties in 3 days.

I definitely know what I’m talking about with events and I’m throwing in this events module. And, even if you don’t think you are going to come to China, I tell you. Don’t be so sure. If you start selling a lot of properties and you have a lot of Chinese friends, don’t be that shocked eventually that you will visit China once in awhile. So an event, it’s just a blockbuster.

One thing about China if you stand on the street in China, like say during an event, during a holiday, one thing that is really hard to get used to is how many people are here. It’s like there are just people. In the bathrooms there is no toilet paper, you know, everybody comes by one store selling drinks and two seconds later, there are no drinks. It doesn’t matter how many drinks they had, they are all gone now. Guys selling lunch boxes? They’re all gone!

The people just come by and everything just disappears around them. If you’ve been to China you know exactly what I’m talking about, right? One of my videos I did inside of the subway system. You can see, its like just a sea of people and it never ends. Like a river. It’s just like a deep river and people just constantly coming by you, right. You could stand there for the rest of your life, you’d probably never see the same two people. It’s like so weird about China. There are just so many people, it’s hard to get a grasp of it. But that can work to your advantage in a big big way.

Because at events, people are coming and they are looking for real estate. If you know what you are doing, and you did it smart, and the Chinese they know the difference. Cause when a foreign company comes in and makes a fool out of themselves, they don’t want to be a part of it. Even if they like your houses. Cause it’s like if this guy is so clueless about this one thing, how can I trust him to know my needs in the future. So your brand gets severely damaged by doing a poor job at an event. And if you do do well at an event in China, it is massive.

There is a very good chance with an event in China, if you do well that next thing you will have an office in China. Selling real estate here and interviewing people here. That’s what usually happens. You have a successful event, you’ll sell a ton of properties and you’ll want to keep connections or at least have a desk in China or maybe a whole office. Where you have a showroom. There are a lot of things you can do. You can even get developers to pay your rent because they want to market inside your office. There are a ton of things you can do when you are successful in China selling real estate in China. So the events product, we are throwing in. Everything is in there. All of the secrets and even if you are never going to run an event, i highly recommend watching the events module more than once. Cause it packed full of ideas of how to deal with new people.

So you are going to get a lot out of the events module even if 1. you don’t think you are ever going to use it. and 2 you never use it. You are still going to get a ton out of the events module. So thats the only thing I say is you can’t get anything out of it if you don’t try. If you don’t play the game, you can’t win. I think a lot of people they have a very difficult time picking out a good opportunity in life. You know when I saw that Asia was rising, I left everything. I went to Japan and then China. And when I saw each country rising, I couldn’t control myself, I saw and just had to grab that opportunity.

There is no way I was going to let it past me by. And I think people, I don’t know about yourself but a lot of people they think opportunity is going to come. It’s like a bus is going to drive by with a huge sign on it that says, “opportunity!” You have to take this. This is your chance in life. And I just I look back on my life and its just not like that. Opportunity comes to me, its like a whisper in the wind. It’s like, it’s something I just faintly hear and I feel. And I think this opportunity with Chinese buyers is definitely one of these things. I don’t know how long you are going to live but I don’t if there is going to be another China or there is going to be another country like this where suddenly everybody is going overseas and buying properly like mad. Billions and billions and billions of dollars. Month after month. I don’t know.

For myself, when I see an opportunity I grab it. And I’ve done that in my life so many times. And I tell you, I’m not perfect cause, the times I haven’t grabbed it, I have really. These are the times I really regret. I even still think about it today is like I wish I would have grabbed that opportunity back in..I had a very big opportunity back in 1987 that I didn’t take and, um, you know it would have made me a very wealthy man. And I always think back to that. Oh I wish I would have grabbed that opportunity. And I don’t want this to be like this for you.

Right now it’s happening. You can look in the news. If you don’t believe it, just read the newspapers. Chinese are coming and they are buying and there are more people coming. And just the amount of people in China just overwhelms any other country. You know so it’s just a massive opportunity. And like I say, you know I think most people there are not accustomed to listening to their own inner vibe or voice that says “hey this is a real opportunity!” No one is going to come knock on my door and say “you’ve got to do this!” So I’m here to tell you right now. Because I’m here at ground zero in China and I see it everyday. It’s all around me. I just want to scream from the mountaintops. It’s like this is opportunity! This is a real opportunity! Grab it now. Because I know what happens.

I saw what happened with Japan. It’s like everybody came and bought and then everything slowed down.And I see it now with China. It’s just so obvious. You saw China manufacturing things. Making things. You saw China growing. They started buying US treasury bonds. They started buying everything. Things all over the world. And you could just see it. It was obvious.

So I want you to be the kind of person that grabs opportunity. If you are still listening, you know that you feel this thing. You’re like me. “oh man this is huge!” and its more than the money, it’s exciting!! So listen to that whisper in the wind. It’s my deepest wish. It’s something I always want myself to never ever stop listening to that voice. Because that voice has been very good to me. And I think it will be good to you too. So I want you to come with me into the members area, look around.

Start to study. Join a webinar, if you’re not happy, if they think this a joke, you don’t think it’s valuable. You think it’s doesn’t apply to you. You think….whatever you think. If you stub your toe that day. What ever the reason, I’ll give you your money back. And I don’t mean that I’m going to give you like slowly slowly slowly slowly. I’ll give it back with a smile. You don’t want this product? You get your money back. Back! Money back guaranteed. And that’s the way it works. So I want to give you this.

I want to see you on the other side of the members area. Thank you very much for watching this. look down, at the buy now button, click on the buy now button and I’ll see you on the other side. Thank you very much for watching. And thank you very much for reading my newsletters. And thank you very much for participating with me. So I really appreciate it. Thanks so much. Look down at the button below. Click on that and after you click on that you will go to a Paypal site where you will put in your name and address and you can pay with your credit card. That won’t have our brand on it. So don’t worry. just click through there. Put your information in and then click and you’ll come to the members area and you’ll see me on the other side. So I look forward to seeing you in there. And I look forward to seeing you succeed selling to Chinese investors. The timing is perfect.

I know you want to do it. That’s why you are watching this video. I know you are interested because I read your emails. So I thank you very much and I’ll see you inside and lets continue this journey together.

Thanks again and look forward to working with you to build a clientele of Chinese real estate investors.