For some reason there is still the opinion that everything is cheap in China.
Things are beginning to get very expensive here in Shanghai and Beijing.
New York is looking good for many reasons and price isn’t the only
negotiation tool. Quality of life, the familiarity of urban living and
the thoughts of sending their newborn to a great University all
come into play.

They would jump at the chance to own their own place, live in
New York and be able to plan having a family there.

Why? New York is home to New York University, Columbia, Cornell & CUNY.
As well as direct flights back to Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong and a well
well established Chinese immigrant community.

There are actually three Chinatowns in New York City. The official and well-known one is located in Manhattan. There are two other fast-growing but un-official Chinatowns in Flushing/Queens and Eighth Avenue/Brooklyn, respectively.

China’s wealthy are finding investment properties and second homes in New York, L.A., Toronto, London, Vancouver, Singapore and Sydney. If you live in one of these red hot
locations, you are feeling the heat and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to cool down very

“The purchase restrictions in China drove them overseas, while they look for investments to counter the inflation,” said Mo Tianquan (an agent here in Shanghai).

Now is the time to act, the great wall of cash will come to an end at some point as all cycles do. You remember when the Hong Kong buyers were hot, then the Taiwanese and
for a little while now, the mainland Chinese. This won’t last forever.

Why wait for them to come to you? You can come to them and get that deal on your
property today with a “sold” sign on it.

Here at China Cash Buyers, we will walk you through the steps, teach you how to get
the right qualified buyer, not a flaky, kick the tires type.

No, we will help you get that buyer who is interested in your property and buy it quickly.

We have a unique system which was developed and conceived with strategic
real estate alliances here in China and in the USA.


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