1. Focus On the Relationship; Not the selling the property. Your relationship with a Chinese national will morph and grow over the years. Expect this not to be a one off thing. From the beginning, think long term.

2. Establish from the beginning that you know your business and will run the project. They don’t have to worry but they also can’t order you around. In truth they don’t want to but due to Chinese relationships and the reputation of agents in China, they think they have to be that way. Sooner rather than later you need to make it clear you are a pro.

3. After establishing roles, tell the truth even if it hurts

4. Chinese will make decisions on different variables than Americans. For example, most do not buy property as an investment! Other reasons inside…

5. Realize the relationship could grow way past agent, buyer in the future if you do your job well. Chinese have many needs that you can help with. Childrens education, meeting certain friends, etc. Open the relationship up enough that they can call you anytime to chat, complain, brainstorm (usually over dinner)


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