Chinese home prices are still up 5.6% year on year. However, increasing vacant inventory, the abrupt cease in the almost endless rise of Chinese real estate, government efforts  (inability to buy second and third homes, and increasing difficulty in getting financing) to cool the market, industry leaders recent negative comments are combining to erode trust in Chinese real estate. Enthusiasm for real estate investment in China has been shaken and buyers are looking for other options globally.

Most Chinese wealthy made their money in real estate. As the government feared, rightly, a real estate bubble, they clamped down hard on lending and investment in the domestic market. With mountains of cash on the sidelines and a population that knows, loves and understands real estate, and global real estate still reeling from the crash of 2008, Chinese see a golden opportunity to both increase their options for living abroad and for tremendous potential capital gains.

The key thing most outside China don’t know is that more Chinese are coming. With that means ability to resell or lease properties to other Chinese. Many investors want to be ahead of the curve and are moving quickly to invest in areas that they feel will be attractive and more valuable in the future.

I realise that most brokers are busy. Time is of the essence. I don’t advocate most brokers to focus exclusively on Chinese buyers but i think it wise to spend a portion of your energy and time (10%) marketing to Chinese buyers. Many of these new buyers are hungry and move quickly. They also tend to have friends and family that follow closely behind. This is an excellent way to build a business. Through referrals. To get started selling go to


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