Over the past year a revolutionary new bill is slowly working itself through
congress, if passed, it will be known as the VISIT USA Act.

Why should this interest the average citizen  in the U.S.?

It should interest you if you are interested in making money
from the China cash buyers.

Research has shown that 40% of Chinese buyers want properties
as investments and the other 60% are hunting for the property
to facilitate their children’s future education prospects.

The schools ranking can make or break the deal, no matter how
beautiful the listing is or even what kind of bargain it is.

Educational prospects followed by everything else
is how the Chinese make their purchases, would you believe.

The cash buyers from China are particularly affected by this as they
have to apply for a new tourist visa every year.

In the same way, American’s are subject to the same restrictions
when they are traveling to China.

The new proposed Visit USA Act would help remove a lot of
bureaucratic red tape and not as some people suggest allow
foreigners to “buy citizenship”, rather the new proposed
bill will allow for greater ease of travel, expedite residential visa’s.

The direct effect will surely stimulate the once slowly moving housing market
immensely. China cash buyers will then be able to spend half there time in the
US and most without needing to work anyhow.

It would not be a direct path for immigration as some naysayers believe.

The National Association or Real Estate says California
is the top market for qualified, Chinese cash buyers.

And some, China buyers, right now as we speak, are flying to the US,
going on  “real estate tours”  actively searching for other bargains, too.

Places like San Francisco, Nevada, New York, Toronto & Vancouver
are heating up as China cash buyers view these cities as ideal locations
that are still very reasonable.

Be a part of the tidal wave of cash from China.

Why miss out on your opportunity to sell your luxury property today?

Let us help you every step of the way, with our team
of ex-pat professionals that live and work here in China for you.


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