Chinese take the Bronx?? Hong Kong real estate overheated years ago. Singapore had to enact massive taxes to fend off relentless Chinese investment. Australia now will charge Chinese $5,000 just to make an offer in a bid to slow the influx of cash.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, real estate values have skyrocketed in Manhattan. New gleaming residential towers are remapping the skyline and disrupting the old system where wealthy lived in COOPS: why? Simply because Chinese investors prefer owning real estate to a shares in a COOP type structured corporate entity. For the first time in history, the tastes of non-American investors is reshaping the our cities.

What seems massive to countries with relatively small populations like the US, is ho-hum for Chinese. Everyone in China is used to large numbers of people affecting things suddenly. Ever try to find a bathroom with toilet paper during Chinese New Years? It’s good practice for our current age.

It’s business as usual for Chinese. The latest domino to start to topple is The Bronx. Everyone knows Chinese investors love New York and that love is frothing over to nearby areas. The murder rate in the Bronx has tumbled by 91% since 1990 and that has awoken Mainland Chinese investors and the Chinese Diaspora. I’m hearing plenty of rumbling and think we’ll see some large acquisitions in the very near future. And they are coming.

“This kind of love only comes around once in a lifetime” -The Bridges of Madison County, Harriet

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