Marketing to Chinese tourists has not been that easy.

There have been huge barriers, not only language, culture,
but for the the longest time, Chinese were only traveling
to the US for business, to study or visit relatives…

In 2008 this radically changed. The bureaucratic red tape had been halted
and the U.S. gained “approved destination status,” by the Chinese government.

In Hawaii alone, the volume of visitors from China has climbed significantly.
China Eastern Airlines has a regular flights arriving from Shanghai to Hawaii
every Tuesday and Thursday.

It is expected that Chinese visitor numbers to Hawaii for 2012 will hit 100,000..

One thing is for sure, Chinese spend the most, on average $382
per person per day vs. $100 for Japanese.

The volume of travel abroad has just begun to take shape, hotels
in the North America are clambering to get staff that are familiar
with the customs, language and ways of doing business with the Chinese.

Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver
(for those with Canadian visas), New York, Washington, D.C.,
are hot spot destinations for wealthy China cash buyers.

Why not head off to the airport when those direct flights come in?

This would be a perfect time to make potential China cash buyer connections.
Perfect time to network, welcome them to the US. Find out their spending
habits like where they shop, how they like to entertain in real time.

Don’t you think that this is a great opportunity to find that cash buyer
interested in you because you went the extra mile and showed initiative,
while other agents sat and waited at their desks in an air conditioned office?

If you succeed in making a new Chinese friend because of your hard work
and determination it will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.

Of course there are many ways to attract China cash buyers and many
key things you should do and things you shouldn’t do to offend the potential buyer…

Here at China cash buyers, we’re here to help you step by step, offer the most
accurate information, leading methods and techniques to get that cash buyer
captivated by your property today.


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