China’s economic success has not been easy.

On one hand, as the nation build, improves upon it’s
infrastructure, wages rise, more and more people
become middle class, travel and educate themselves
most often overseas, a silent storm is brewing
in the midst…

Chinese are very interested in living in a the USA.


Over 160 cities in China today have a population
over one million and growing…

China’s super metropolises: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen,
Tianjin & Shantou all have huge populations which range from
between 10 to 41 million on average.

It would seem that even, Hong Kong with it’s 7 million is
not that big in comparison… (N.Y.C. is about 8 million).

Naturally, the ones that have a post secondary
education, skills and cash are now on the
search to better themselves, their family
and extended family if they can.

Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, parents are
complaining about having to camp in the street day &
night to register their children for kindergarten…

For 2014 academic year!

The ongoing joke here is that “the waiting period for
getting your kids into kindergarten is longer than
waiting” to immigrate to the USA.

The United States is their first choice. (Canada was
second choice until this year when it decided to
suspend it’s Immigrant Investor Program).

The wealthy who are moving to America most often use
the EB-5 visa, which goes to foreigners willing to invest at
least $500,000 in a business that offers new jobs for at
least 10 Americans.

Many retain still hang on to their Chinese passports, even
after they have immigrated to the US because the still
have business’s going on back in China.

The US has become a very attractive place to take roots
for several reasons.

1. Access to much better health-care
2. Access to post secondary education is superior to none
3. In the US, you own your home, in China they lease the land.

Asian American’s do well in the US, even surpass other
immigrant groups. According to the United States Census,
Asian American households, per capita income was $64,308..

Living in America is not just a dream for China cash
buyers, it is a reality when you bring that property to
them, they are more than ready to make that purchase,

You just need to know a few country specific details and
the needs of your clients.

At China Cash Buyers, we are here to guide you, every
step along the way, help you where you need help in
finding that qualified lead from China today.


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