In short notice, Toronto and Vancouver may see a marked decrease
in the number of Chinese nationals wanting to buy homes in those
major metropolitan areas.

The Canadian government suspended the Federal Investor Immigrant Program (FIIP) as of July 1, 2012.

Although it must be noted that the French speaking east coast province of Quebec is still processing applications…

Maybe some will learn French to circumvent this, but the plausibility of that happening is quite low.

It should be noted that at one time it was quite easy
to immigrate to Canada & it’s investor visa program was quite
a bargain compared with other immigrant countries.

The Canadian program wanted the investor to show
“that they have business experience, have a minimum net worth
of C$1,600,000 that was obtained legally & make a C$800,000 investment.

 Now, the party is over…

They dropped the ball with this one as America’s investor
immigrant program is still open welcoming China cash buyers, for now…

In all honesty, buyers from China would much prefer living in higher
density cities and well established communities and dream of sending
their children to world famous colleges and universities,
like UCLA, Stanford, Harvard or NYC. .

It’s a no brainer that they would would rather enjoy the
California climate more than, let’s say, shoveling snow in  Toronto in October.

There are many factors that go into making the decision making process for
China cash buyers, education is a major factor, the livability of the area,
it’s climate and established Chinese community, as well as several other
factors, come into play  when buyers are searching for a property in the USA.

At China Cash Buyers, we have the know how,  a staff of seasoned
professionals to help you every step of the way to find the right buyer
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