Click on the link above to hear wisdom from Michael Zakkour on selling in China. It’s a power packed China Cash Buyers Podcast episode so get a pen or tablet ready to take notes.

“How to sell to Chinese consumers with China Super Consumers best selling author Michael Zakkour”

Michael featured my story in his best selling book. Hope you like it.

Paul Salo, an American expatriate in China with a colorful history-including making and losing fortunes, selling art as a destitute on the streets of China and being kidnapped at gunpoint-finally found long success selling foreign real estate to Chinese families and investors. Salo Homes has seen its business skyrocket over the past five years and, and according to Salo, the reasons are “the need and desire to park liquid assets in foreign real estate, increased travel leading to better awareness of the global property market, and families looking to live bi-national lives.” He predicts, “In the next 5 years, travel-influenced by the desire to purchase and the satisfaction in using real estate abroad-will triple.”


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