Sitting here my apartment on a rainy Thursday night in Shanghai writing this newsletter before we go out on the town. Shanghai clubs are waiting so I’ll keep this short.. Just got out of a meeting with our client S XXX who sold 21 properties to wealthy Chinese buyers for an average price of $1.1 million in total commissions of over US$800,000. He was a very happy camper.

Just this morning I talk to another agent who has been trying to sell property straight clients for over eight months and he has had zero sales. He’s begging me for buyers. The million dollar question: What’s the difference between these two agents? One has taken the time to understand what Chinese buyers want how they think where they congregate online and off and he is crafted a very targeted campaign to get their attention. The other is running around chasing his tail bragging to everyone that he wants rich Chinese buyers. It’s an old story folks. Doing the hard yard taking the time to understand your clients , staying true to your ideals, Having a plan or running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Which sounds more successful to you? In life there are few real trends. Do you want to miss the wave of Chinese buyers? Or do you want to be like the few smart agents who realize the game has shifted times have changed and they need to change? And if they do…. Essentially the world is their oyster. Much like agents and 80s who focused on Japanese buyers. they have not only a few meagre rich but cashed up friendly clients but Essentially a never ending stream.

If this makes sense to you then I’m sorry I know I’m preaching to the choir. If you, like me, know that China is shaking the world Then we are in good company. China is taking the world. is it shaking your world? If not allow me to tell you a few simple things which will change your life forever. You don’t need to speak Chinese. You don’t need to read Chinese. You don’t even need to use chopsticks.

Right now you are invisible. Buyers look right through you online and off. It doesn’t have to be this way. Chinese buyers want to see you. They want you to help them. You are literally driving them away. They need your help. They want your help. They’re looking for your help. Give it to them!

Hi I’m Paul Salo. I’ve been in Asia selling to Asians for a long time. Since 1989 in fact. I know how the game works. I know how the game is played. And I’ve been doing it successfully for years. For me this was normal this is where I lived for many years but people even experienced professionals who know much more than me start asking me years ago how to find Chinese investors. Made simple it second nature he was almost hard to believe that they were serious. I mean some of these guys were my heroes. But they kept asking me and eventually I realized they were serious they didn’t know how to find Chinese investors. And they wanted me to tell them. So I started to tell them. And they started to have success. They were all excited. It’s crazy because it’s no big miracle. Zero over billion people in China they’ve recently become wealthy and they want to buy real estate outside China. The story is quite simple. But simple does not mean intuitive and there are a lot of differences between mainland Chinese buyers and other buyers. So I put together a system and I thought visit the system and the system work for them. And now I’ve recorded the system and the system is available to you. I hope you like it


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