A dangerous trend is affecting real estate brokers….

A dangerous trend is affecting real estate brokers…. If you are in an area where chinese are starting to buy, or simply Chinese tour groups have arrived on the scene….look down at your feet because you are at the epicenter of a global shift.  You are at the forefront of a global revolution in real estate.


If Chinese are not yet buying in your area…. just wait.  Markets are being disrupted by a flood of Chinese cash globally in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Phillipines, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the UK, Italy, France, all across the US and Canada. Many countries are even enacting laws to slow the influx of Chinese buyers.


Here’s how it works: It often starts with a tour group seeing an area for the first time, (like Maui, Hawaii)  or TV show inside China about some random location like Detroit and suddenly boom! Chinese buyers everywhere.  Or it could be a school that is suddenly on the radar of Chinese mothers. They read about it in a Chinese newspaper, see it on TV or hear from their friends and they want to buy a house near the school and send their children there to study. Or it might be a change in visa policy where Chinese can get long term residency for investing like Spain’s “Golden Visa” rule. Literally it could be practically anything but, either way, there’s a catalyst and that sparks interest in the area.  Travelling, TV, newspapers, a press release, visa rules, rumours, a political change in China, exchange rate of the RMB are just a few of the things that set off buying sprees in 2013.


And who are these investors?  These are buyers that could not own real estate until 1978.  There was no private ownership of property till Deng Xiaoping opened the door.  Even now Chinese cannot own property in mainland China!  The gThey can only buy a long term lease.  And now, to make it worse, China has cracked down on investing.  Across China cities have made it practically impossible to buy two properties.  Couples are divorcing on paper so they can buy two places!  Chinese are suddenly wealthy and have an insatiable demand for land is the story in short.


Are they worth studying and preparing for?  Or is this another flash in the pan like the Japanese in the 1980’s…which was still so profitable for the brokers who handled them that they still reminisce about the good old days.


What makes this time different? 1,351,000,000 people. So what?…  right?  Until now this number didn’t matter.  But now we have a population over four times as large as the US, cashed up and on a mission to invest abroad and they are hell bent to make their mark. Canada’s population is about 3% of China’s…  Forget the uber wealthy Chinese flying in jets, China’s middle class alone will equal the entire US population in a few short years.


Keep in mind, Chinese wealthy

…are mainly first time buyers abroad…

…average age of millionaires is 39 (billionaires 41) young!…Source: 2013 Hurun Report

…60% are buying property overseas.. Source: 2013 Hurun Report

…85%  plan to send their children abroad to study.. Source: 2013 Hurun Report

…think differently about numbers (lucky 8!), sunlight, shopping, eating, walking distances, living arrangements..

…tend to be pioneers.. in other words, one person in a family ventures abroad and others follow.  either from the same city, family or group of friends…referrals….

…spend twice as much on a house, on average, investing in the US ($425,000 average for Chinese vs   $218,000)… Source: National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

…70% of Chinese buy in cash… Source: National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

…the number of wealthy households  will expand at an annual rate of about 16 percent for the next 5-7 years. Source: McKinsey & Company


A glance at recent headlines gives you a visual of what’s happening worldwide

Many agents are holding out, hoping against hope that either, everything will go back to normal soon or they will suddenly be visited by the Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy  of Chinese referrals. They imagine that somewhere, far off, someone will introduce a stream of buyers who are rich, their investment criteria well defined, they have money burning a hole in their pocket AND they want to buy in their area!  Whether it’s Texas or farmland in New Zealand, they imagine their is a bank vault of Chinese clients lined up and if only they could get access, everything would be great.

I can tell you this, even if there were a vault of names of Chinese buyers who not only want to buy right now, they want to buy in every small and large city in the world simultaneously, how many names would be on that list? There are 19,355 cities in the US alone.  I say this because I get plenty of emails everyday to this effect.  Let me say, even if I had such a secret list, of buyers in every city, on every day, how quickly would that list get out of date?  Ask yourself this, does anyone in your country have a fresh list of buyers for every single city, updated daily?  Of course not.

It’s even worse than that.  Even if I introduced a Chinese buyer, would an inexperienced agent be prepared to handle Chinese specific needs, questions, would they have an immigration lawyer they trust to introduce, answers to education questions, visa questions, comparison to other cities in their country and all over the world? (ie What would it be like for me and my family in xyz city, Texas compared to buying in Perth, Australia?)   How does education compare?  How about the availability of networking opportunities in Chinese commerce groups?  How do the locals accept us?  Could that broker even handle small talk and gain the trust of a buyer across the world?  Answer questions about transferring money out of China?  No! They would drop the ball every time.  And worse, an untrained agent would likely have none of the answers to their questions and likely offend them too.

Companies that hope to reach them must understand how Chinese buyers differ from their counterparts elsewhere


The point is not the end of the “American Dream” or the sky is falling as some say but actually

an enormous, once in a lifetime opportunity.  These are first time buyers mainly and behind them come family, friends and referrals.  If you are already getting  wealthy Chinese buyer leads and are having no problem closing them, then my hat is off to you. But if you are still missing  the this wave of Chinese buyers…. but you want to and don’t know where to start…

… you’ve come to the right place.


Because you won’t have to…

…throw advertising money at dodgy websites that produce zero return

…fall victim to every scammer, “translator” or assistant

..waste thousands of dollars  on events and not get a single real lead…

…squander valuable time trying to learn Mandarin Chinese  (hint, I did it but it’s definitely not necessary to sell)

…or worse yet, let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by…

The selling to Chinese learning curve is notoriously harsh. Do you have years to spend and money to burn learning through trial and error?  Or would you rather piggyback off my experience?

If this is what you want….then read on because  I’ve taught many others just like you, all over the world, starting from scratch, how to build a business selling to Chinese buyers.  If you’re not careful, it might even broaden your perspectives, fill you with passion and  even change your entire life.. 🙂

This is not a general “foreign investor” course full of the legalities of this and that or financing rules.  This is a practical course with hundreds of simple tips, tactics and strategies you can implement immediately and built on my and my team’s decades of experience selling real estate to Chinese people both inside and outside of China.

You will learn how to:

… avoid cultural pitfalls..

…recognize the subtle hints the buyer is giving…

..avoid lookie loos and time wasters…

…write listings that command the attention of Chinese buyers…

…establish rapport  with Chinese parents sending their children abroad for education…

…build a monster-sized clientele of Chinese cash buyers using THEIR network of referrals…

… make yourself the go-to agent for Chinese immigrating to your area…

…sell a ton of houses and grab the brass ring !  (it feels so good to dominate your competition and start cookin’ with gas..)

Here in Shanghai I see flocks of well-meaning agents traveling to China:  showing their listings at trade shows in hopes of landing those big money sales they’ve been reading about back home. But they go home empty handed… Yes, most of these agents will never succeed in the Chinese market.

WHY NOT? What’s the problem?

Most agents don’t know how to spot a serious Chinese buyer. They don’t know why they are buying.  What to prepare prior to meeting them.  How to qualify them.  What drives them.

A serious Chinese buyer with cash readily available to spend is invisible to them and visa versa. But even if they are able to find a real buyers, they don’t know how to build trust and create a relationship, Chinese style.  They don’t know how to tap the potential of Chinese social networks and they don’t understand how to network and build relationships among the people. It’s like an impenetrable wall.  Look in the private room of any Chinese restaurant.  How to break in and join the party?!?

 And it’s easier and more fun than you could ever guess! You will make new Chinese friends who will open your eyes to the world. It’s not just about money.

Things are different from the West when it comes to selling real estate in China. To begin with, the culture is vastly different. Chinese buyers are influenced by strong cultural beliefs such as what direction a home should face, Feng Shui, height, address or if it should have a backyard or a second kitchen and entrance for parents. But more importantly the Chinese buyer is practical, to the point, has unique needs, and wants his questions answered. They have cash and want to buy. Be prepared and strike when the iron is hot my grandfather told me.

My name is Paul Salo. I am the Mandarin speaking American insider in the real estate business in China.   In short, I’m a non-Chinese who knew absolutely nothing about China, could not speak Chinese and has made his way selling to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

By default, being here in the midst of the madness, I’m privy to nearly every new or cutting-edge strategy, tool, or model that works in the selling in the fast changing world of Chinese overseas investors. Everything was going great when the market was still small and Chinese were just starting to buy abroad.  But about 3 or 4 years ago all hell broke loose. The number of buyers overwhelmed me and my team and then I was lucky enough to be featured on primetime  television in the US and Canada (HGTV) and things really went nuts. We were completely overwhelmed by inquiries from real estate agents and developers from Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, France, Japan, Cyprus etc.  It simply was too much.  I had to change tack and do something that was more scalable and could help more people simultaneously.  So I started taking coaching agents on how to sell to Chinese. The inns and outs we learned through hard experience.

I coached agents from every continent and in practically every possible situation. Luxury properties, student housing, land, farm land, commercial properties, large residentials

Instead of doing it all myself, I started to teach other agents how to see themselves, their area, their listings from a Chinese perspective. How to prepare for the needs of Chinese before embarking on the process of finding clients.  What’s the purpose finding buyers you don’t understand and can’t answer their questions or provide value to them?

Many mainland Chinese are migrating and/or  sending their children to study abroad and have a completely different outlook on real estate.  They need professional help  to help them decide where best suits their needs. And agents abroad without training simply don’t have a clue. So they are unable to capitalize on the massive opportunity staring them in the face.

So I put together a system that would allow anyone, anywhere (regardless of their area) to see their area from a Chinese real estate buyers perspective. To help them to write listings that are attractive to Chinese, to prepare information that Chinese buyers are sure to ask about so the buyers don’t just pass them by.

And the list continues. The only way you could learn what my system teaches is to go back in time to 1989, move to Asia… but since that might be difficult and even if you could, you would miss the current boom in overseas property sales so I highly recommend taking advantage of my experience.

I saw this need and created

 the China Cash Buyers Video Training series

China Cash Buyers is a power packed video series to help YOU find and close deals with rich Chinese investors. It covers all aspects of how to sell real estate to these buyers.

Consider if you don’t have this insight into doing business with the Chinese property investor that you will be selling in the market with a hit or miss strategy—a strategy that will no doubt be costly. Many agents make numerous trips from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia only to return home empty-handed after incurring expenses from hotels, airfare, listings, trade booth displays, and any number of incidentals involved with finding leads in this manner. This is not to mention that their listings valued millions of dollars remain unsold.

You must have a plan. The market in China is very different than what Western property sellers are accustomed to. I show what you need to know to build your plan and strategy for succeeding in today’s most coveted market on the planet.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities! Order the China Cash Buyers videos NOW!

You might be asking what the urgency is. Why now?

Besides the time and expense of making costly errors in judging the Chinese buyers there is the fact that the flood of new Chinese buyers is huge but will not last forever. It certainly won’t last 20 years while you learn your skills of selling in this market through trial and error.

The Chinese buyer market is also a wave that is here today for a short time and will be gone soon!  Just like the Japanese came and went, eventually, this torrent of buying will cool.

Today, it is the wealthy Chinese investor who is looking to buy property outside of his home country. This investor is actually easy to sell to if you know how to do it.

The easy buyers are NOW! Wait too long and all you will be able to find are the not-so-serious buyers who will be a costly waste of your time.

Order before the serious Chinese buyers are gone and this lucrative market fades away.

Kind regards and may you find the best of success,

Paul Salo

Here’s what YOU will learn:

1. Renegade Research

Learn how to use SIMPLE, EASY technical tools to understand:

How to write listings that resonate with Chinese

How Chinese see YOUR area (ie why they buy there)

Rank higher in Chinese search (ie Baidu) different from English (Google)


2. Chinese Buyers 101
In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “know your enemy and know yourself”.  The more you know about your clients, the better off you are.  Every aspect including mindsets about real estate, about your country and about YOU!  You will literally be reading their mind…and it will come in handy


3. Differences between Markets.

Key to being able to present to Chinese buyers. Their world is very different and naturally their perspective and expectations differ. You will be able to present in a way that blows Chinese buyers away!  Exactly what they need.

4. Put Out a Welcome Mat.

Understand the Chinese market, how it’s different and how you need to adapt

Know what Chinese buyers are accustomed to.

What Chinese buyer’s value.

Assumptions you are making that could be costing you dearly.


5. Small Talk.

How to communicate and develop relationships even if the client has little English ability.

Building Rapport with your Chinese clients.

Business etiquette, dinners and social events.


6. Qualifying Chinese Buyers.
Save time and money by qualifying and understanding your buyer.

How to ask key questions without being offensive.

Understanding your buyers true underlying needs.

Red flags which the can help you manage your time.


7. Networking & Referrals.

Remember the part about 1.4 billion people?  You will learn how to network and turn one buyers into many.  Loyal friends and family who will treat you well.


8. Getting Great Listings.

Use your newly discovered focus on the wealthy Chinese niche to your advantage.  Get the best exclusive listings! Why not?  You will have the best clients…who pay cash.


9. Social Media

Forget the phone when dealing with Mainland Chinese buyers! How to use social media and online tools to cement a relationship between you and a Chinese client. Never have a client “disappear” again. Develop deeper trust, understanding and communication with your Chinese clients.  I’ll teach you all you need to know in this simple, short module. You don’t need special skills to adapt Chinese social media communication tools.


10. Use Your Website to Get Leads

Use your understanding of the market, buyer’s needs and mindset to create online content that draws buyers to you.  Square meters and other MLS data means nothing to a Chinese immigrating to a new country. In this module, you’ll learn how to write what the clients want to hear. And what will influence them to close the deal.  99% of agents are missing the simple stories that you will write naturally after studying this module.

11 – BONUS $299 VALUE  Doing a Real Estate Event in China.

How to plan your first sales event in China

Mindsets in planning a seminar

Secrets in running a seminar in China

Hiring “translators” and sales staff

Taking care of yourself and staff

Mistakes in dates in China

How to budget a seminar in China

How to get massive foot traffic to see your properties

Finally how to sell multiple properties and CRUSH IT

What is this training worth to you?

You’re a fool if you think you can easily figure the “game” of selling to Chinese out for yourself in a short period of time. It took me 24 years !  It’s actually a very mysterious “dance” between you, the client, and the market.

Mastering the moves to this “dance” is actually simple, once you are shown what to do.

To outsiders, it’s like a secret, nearly-unsolvable puzzle.

But this puzzle is solved, step-by-step, in The China Cash Buyers Course.

Membership Site

The Chinese Referral Club

Want to step inside the private, little-shared (and extremely lucrative) world of Chinese referrals?

Then joining the Chinese Referral Club is a huge opportunity for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Hours and hours of some of the best techniques I’ve ever shared… including video from events folks paid up to $5,000 (per event) to attend. (Plus audios, bonus videos, swipe files, and other training products that – before today – would have cost you more than $2,500 to get your hands on!)

  2. A monthly teleseminar where I will answer ANY burning question you’ve got. I’ve a proven track record of business success, and I’ve helped hoards of realtors and developers follow in our footsteps. (I charge up to $2,500 per hour for private coaching and consulting like this. But as a member of the Chinese Referral Club it’s all included.)

  3. Members-only access to an exclusive forum where you can connect with smart, like-minded entrepreneurs and biz owners who want to share ideas, create alliances, and help each other solve biz problems. (Think of it like a “virtual mastermind” group.)

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  5. In “Behind the Scenes of China Cash Buyers” I’ll reveal the tools and techniques I use and show you exactly why I use them. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to implement every kind of software to grow your real estate business…the kind of tools that will help you increase leads, get more listings by leveraging your focus on the growing Chinese market and sky-rocket sales.

To find out more… and how you can join for only $47 a month… click here.

Personal VIP Private Coaching

When you work with myself, suddenly all the mystery and confusion involved in creating a massively profitable and smooth running marketing and sales campaign to Chinese buyers dissolves… and you’re on your way to getting the results you deserve.

I will review your whole business, choice of listings, sales materials and staff. Help plan event and adjust your approach to the Chinese market…

… provide brutal — but deadly accurate — critiques…

… and feed you tips on how to focus your marketing to reach out and grab the attention of Chinese buyers (and boost sales).

You will have full access to every resource China Cash Buyers uses or knows about… including introductions to other marketers and experts, when appropriate.


No course, or book, or seminar can replicate this kind of high-intensity learning. Nothing can re-adjust your head as quickly and efficiently as spending quality one-on-one time with people who understand the game. I will internalize your complete situation… and go deep with you on every relevant detail of your business.

Chinese Language Real Estate Website Development

Tired of working with web developers and listings website who know nothing about Chinese SEO -ie Baidu – and Lead Generation or turning a Chinese language website into a money-making machine?

If you’re ready to move into the big leagues and realize that super low-cost technical resources are NOT able to help you grow your business…

… you may be ready to work with the China Cash Buyers development team.

Our hand-picked team of technicians and stable of copywriters are available to help you design and install your new Chinese language website, optimized to gather more leads and close more sales.

We can work with you to deliver:

  • Sales copy in English and Mandarin Chinese

  • Professional-quality videos

  • Follow-up emails

  • Design and program your website

  • Implementation, split-testing, and monitoring

Work with us for 1 week, 1 month, or on an ongoing basis. It’s up to you.

Click the link to discover how we can get your website online and making money faster than you ever thought possible.

Email [email protected] and open up a ticket. Let us know exactly what you need, your approximate delivery dates, and your approximate budget.

Phew! That’s a whole bunch of great stuff. I hope one of these options is right for you and we were able to help you a little today.


Paul Salo

P.S. I am constantly active in the business of teaching others how to sell to Chinese. I speak at major events across the globe, and our programs are devoured in every continent.

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